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The rep talks about how the company consistently monitors and adapts campaigns using dashboard monitoring. Objections Here's a list of real objections and quesitons from the customer with the responses: Promotions is limited to AdWords. A slide shows a long list of key words identified for their category. Adversites were of a similar, not identical category. There was no evidence given that Aversites will ever show up on page one of an organic search for a competitive category where currently only one to two local business sites show up.


Promise of turnkey performance. Using a call-tracker such as Trumeasure that allows the customer to keep their own number via mirror-site technology would pose a competitive advantage. The rep shows the difference between a mobile search result on a site that is not mobile ready versus a mobilized Adversite with click-to-call: The next part of the presentation covers Adversites, with the claim that these pages convert leads at a rate three times higher than a normal web site. The reason given is that everything Yodle does is quantifiable; if Yodle does not build the customer's own web site to the customer's own specifications, they cannot be accountable for their commitment to results. Text ads shown in the category were from a different state. The rep claims that nobody else can do this and lists key platforms as mobile, tablet, PC and TV. Asked whether the Yodle will build the customer a site, the rep said that Yodle will not build the client their own web site, but that the Adversite can be used as a web site, and for an additional fee, the client can point their URL to the Adversite. The rep and customer both agreed this could yield ten new appointments. The call-tracking numbers are not the clients phone number. Yodle services are limited. Our take on the strengths and weaknesses Strengths The customer liked the Yodle web site showing real time calls taking place via the platform to merchants around the country, their credibility as the 1 digital marketer to local businesses and Google Premium Partner status. The rep explains that Yodle is the largest company at what they do, and the 1 independent provider of digital marketing services to local businesses in the country. Yodle is a top digital marketing company that claims to have 40, local merchant customers. Flexible pricing to "match any budget. A slide shows a long list of key words identified for their category. The promise to begin delivering phone calls in 24 to 48 hours, ie instant gratification. Objections Here's a list of real objections and quesitons from the customer with the responses: The key slide setting up expectations helped clarify the process: Asked by the customer what happens if they do not get the requisite number of appointments, the rep responds that that would be a huge problem for Yodle since the contract minimum is only 90 days and that they could have estimated a much higher number of calls if they wanted the sale instead of showing realistic results. No discussion around Google maps, where the customer, in this case. Adversites were of a similar, not identical category. The rep promises that the company will recieve key words in their category. Post-call Google search on Yodle yielded bad reviews. No explanation of what the 1, key words would be used for.


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