Withholding sex grounds for divorce

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Click To Tweet It is time that all of us—Christians, church leaders, spouses—recognized sexual refusal as a sin. Having people prod them can spur them on to action. He rebukes such thinking pointing out how foolish it is to leave a partner so vulnerable to sexual temptation. Do we condemn only one? To me, this should be the norm when major sins in a marriage are taking place, like verbal abuse , alcoholism, pornography use, adultery, or refusing sex. Jamison, because of the deliberate actions of his wife, Mary L. A sexless marriage is a problem. I think withholding sex is a perfect example where such an intervention may be necessary. I received an email recently from a woman who announced to her husband over a decade ago, after a hysterectomy, that their sex life was now over because her sex drive was gone.

Withholding sex grounds for divorce

Consider Separation as a last resort to prod change Is it right to separate if a spouse refuses sex? This is still refusal, as it is refusing to do what would make it possible to have sex. Their spouses withhold sex. In some cases, then, the root is sin. If someone has a phobia of sex due to abuse, or if a woman has vaginismus so that sex is excrutiatingly painful, then not having sex is justified—while the problem is worked on. It images His relationship with His Church. Is withholding sex from your spouse sexual immorality? God can be that joy. They were using the example of a man who was overspending and putting the family deeper and deeper into debt while refusing to get a job. In the vast majority of cases, separation causes incredible hardship on any children involved, and I am very reticent to recommend it just for that reason. These are all serious sins that need to be dealt with or the family will fall apart. College dorms are full of cohabitating students. This is contrary to Scripture I Corinthians 7: However, sexual refusal is usually not the only problem. For instance, if it were a husband who was refusing sex because he had no sex drive and was diabetic, I would say something like: So having him move out would actually be cheaper for her. I received an email recently from a woman who announced to her husband over a decade ago, after a hysterectomy, that their sex life was now over because her sex drive was gone. But God does, and so pray that He will reveal a couple that you can talk to who can come alongside you and plot a course where both you and your spouse can find true intimacy again. Today she is in turmoil because her husband had finally decided to leave the marriage. Is she in an emotionally abusive relationship with her husband and feels unsafe to give him sex? In others the problem is not sin per se. It is so heartbreaking for you. If your spouse is withholding sex, this is wrong. I certainly do not believe that if your husband wants sex twice a day you therefore have to make love twice a day. Our experienced family law attorneys have heard every possible marriage and divorce story. In the Virginia Supreme Court ruled in a divorce case, Chandler v.

Withholding sex grounds for divorce

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  1. However, sexual refusal is usually not the only problem. Refusing sex, or only making love extremely rarely, is a serious problem.

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