What is practicing abstinence

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Regardless, one does not have to be a virgin to practice abstinence, and periods of abstinence do not have to be permanent. How Do You Do It? How Well Does It Work? Abstinence and outercourse are safe, effective, and free ways to prevent pregnancy. These feelings can be further escalated when one does not know how their partner feels about the topic. Abstinence merely means abstaining from sexual behavior, and a person can choose to abstain from sex for any period of time, even after experiencing a period of being sexually active.

What is practicing abstinence

These feelings can be further escalated when one does not know how their partner feels about the topic. If an individual effectively communicates to their partner all the genuine, underlying reasons why they wish to abstain from sex, then their partner may be more empathetic with them and understand why they are choosing abstinence. If you've made a decision not to have sex, it's an important personal choice and the people who care about you should respect that. Complete abstinence involves abstaining from participation in all sexual acts, both with potential partners and with oneself masturbation. Below are several tips to consider when talking to a partner about abstinence. There are other benefits of abstinence. The truth is that most teens are not having sex. What are the benefits and disadvantages of abstinence and outercourse? To Protect from Unwanted Pregnancy Another common reason for the practice of abstinence is to avoid unwanted pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted infections STIs. Know that choosing abstinence does not have to be a lifelong commitment, and that one can quit practicing abstinence at any time. Some people may even purposefully withhold specific information in order to avoid judgment or bias. You don't have to be a virgin to practice abstinence. Even though it is valid to feel nervous about addressing this topic, practicing effective communication by discussing your concerns or desires with your partner can be very beneficial. It can be difficult or at times impossible to accurately determine whether someone has an STI by just looking at them; most STIs are asymptomatic express no symptoms and can only be detected when a professional healthcare provider performs lab tests on a person which is referred to as STI testing. However, females can still get pregnant without ever engaging in coitus , especially if a male ejaculates on or near her vulva. Be honest when expressing the intentions and motives for choosing abstinence. For example, one can choose to remain abstinent after ending a long-term relationship so that they can fully heal emotionally before resuming sexual play. If one chooses to abstain from all forms of sexual contact, the risk of contracting an STI is greatly reduced. Thus, any sexually active person could have an STI and not be aware of it until they get tested. Getting STI tested is crucial for people who are not practicing abstinence or for anyone who has ever been sexually active to reduce chances of spreading STIs and to receive treatment for STI contraction as earlier as possible if one is infected. Some forms of birth control depend on barriers that prevent the sperm from reaching the egg such as condoms or diaphragms. Because a person does not have any type of intimate sexual contact when he or she practices complete and consistent abstinence, there is no risk of passing on a sexually transmitted infection. Religion oftentimes teaches itsfollowers that premarital sex is unacceptable and immoral. However, there are many alternatives to sex that can be both emotionally and physically fulfilling, not to mention highly enjoyable. An individual may feel very inquisitive as to why their partner does not want to engage in sexual play with them, which could lead them to fear that perhaps their partner does not like them anymore or that they are not deserving of a sexual relationship with their partner. Regardless, one does not have to be a virgin to practice abstinence, and periods of abstinence do not have to be permanent. These inaccurate assumptions may make that person feel sad, worried, or upset and could take a negative toll on their relationship if effective communication is not being exercised.

What is practicing abstinence

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