What does mean wyd

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I'm not trying to overreact but he doesn't give me much to go off of.. I had no idea what it meant when I first saw it in a text. One of them just wants to know what they are up to. So here are the questions and responses given; I asked a variety of guys from that guy you met on Tinder, to the guy you've liked since high school, the frat boy who is in your favorite house, and even the guy who just goes to class and goes home, because all guys think differently, right? It does not have some deeper underlying meaning. This is more of a hypothetical sort of a question. Search Google and KnowYourMeme before posting, too.

What does mean wyd

They don't need to be reminded again. Social networking forums like Facebook, and Twitter have created this trend and abbreviations are used on such social media forums as well. Users are coming to OOTL for straightforward, simple answers because of the nuance that engaging in conversation supplies. Users also use hash tags with such short forms, which have become another trend on the social media world. Initially when the internet emerged, there were only one to three acronyms which were used. If he asks me 'wyd' does he really just want me to be flirty or casual? It is a simple conversation between two friends. One of them just wants to know what they are up to. Don't just put a keyword and question mark; ask a full and direct question like you would ask another human being. This example is the most common way of using WYD. Check out the reddiquette page for more info. How to Use WYD? It has a more formal ring to it. You must post a full and completely clear, unbiased question about a specific event or trend in the title. Because, really, you can make so many meanings from simple acronyms like WYD. In all honesty, if he is boring and hard to read when it comes to text messages, maybe he isn't someone you should be spending your time and effort on. Follow reddiquette in both behavior and voting. This is more of a hypothetical sort of a question. Excessive duplicates or questions that have been retired may be removed. So I decided to ask a few guys what they really mean by some of the text messages that us females seem to never be able to really read into. We've all done it. WYD is an abbreviation that can be used in many different contexts. It is a very common short form that is being used in texting or social media, especially among the young generation. We go to college, we work, we have social lives. That is probably because you have not been keeping yourself well informed about the changes occurring in the social media world. In this situation, you can message them saying WYD in the middle of nowhere.

What does mean wyd

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  1. Don't just drop a link without a summary, tell users to "google it", or make or continue to perpetuate a joke as a top-level comment. We over think everything, but it's all for good reasons right?

  2. Initially when the internet emerged, there were only one to three acronyms which were used.

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