Warning signs of a cheating husband

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For most of the time our relationships drift along in cruise control without demanding attention. If both of you can come to see the affair as an 'emotionally enlarging' experience, the shared trauma can forge deeper bonds. It is rarely about love, and infrequently about the other person. Moments of spontaneous affection or gifts can indicate a man coming to terms with betrayal. Are they more moody or guarded? When found in tandem with other indicators they do make your suspicions more likely to be right.

Warning signs of a cheating husband

Have you noticed any changes in behaviour? If they feel neglected or unloved, your lover could be more open to the prospect of cheating. Or are they addicted to porn or sexting? Better than that, there can be wider learning for the both of you. He might suddenly be spending a lot more time on his appearance. Also if you take a look at their social circle, do they have a lot of pals or close families who have been unfaithful to their partners? Any of these can indicate a predisposition to infidelity. None of these criteria in isolation means anything. Getting fired, getting promoted, retirement; any event in man's life that affects self-confidence can increase interest in exploring sexual opportunity. Changes in your life may push them away sometimes. Affairs are about so much more than sex. The prospect of an affair will also affect your sex life. Perhaps you've had an affair yourself? People from broken families with a history of infidelity are more likely to cheat. There is no best way to proceed, but there is one important question every betrayed partner must ask themselves. A man considering infidelity will find ways to emotionally justify his decision. Discovery is available to both partners, if you will allow it. Assuming your partner admits his mistake and doesn't want to lose you, this doesn't need to be the end of your relationship — at this point help from an experienced therapist or coach can be invaluable. His reaction to the past infidelity of others indicates where his moral lines are drawn. Perhaps a health issue has occupied your time and your thoughts? Has there been any history during your relationship of him using dating apps, sexting, using masseurs or watching pornography? What does their previous behaviour tell you? The prospective affair will probably affect your sex life in some way. Has anything changed in your life? After a brush with death, an affair lets a man grasp life with both hands.

Warning signs of a cheating husband

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  1. What's going on in his life right now? Any of these can indicate a predisposition to infidelity.

  2. What does their upbringing reveal? He might suddenly be spending a lot more time on his appearance.

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