Types of marriage sociology

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Similarly exogamous marriage may be divided into four sub-types such as Gotra, Pravar, Sapinda and village exogamy. Some cultures allow an individual to have more than one spouse at the same time. So long as a woman lives with one of her husbands, the others have no claim on her. One motive in this case would be the maintenance of land and property within one family. Also it is socially accepted due to various reasons.

Types of marriage sociology

Thus what we see today is just a modified concept of the same. However, the relationship is not consummated and does not affect their ability to remarry later. It is very rare form of marriage. Characteristics and Types of Marriage Article shared by: Polygamy When one woman is married with more than one man is called polyandry. Marital rape is legal in most parts Africa and Asia alike. Such programs have included land grants to monogamous Na families, conscription in the s, couples were rounded up in villages ten or twenty at a time and issued marriage licenses , legislation declaring frequent sexual partners married and outlawing "visits", and the withholding of food rations from children who could not identify their fathers. There are two types of monogamy. Polygamy are further divided into two types, which are as follow, sororal polygamy and non sororal polygamy. Polyandry is divided into two types such as fraternal polyandry and non-fraternal polyandry. It is a type of marriage in which a woman can have several husbands plurality of husbands or two or more husbands simultaneously. It is illegal to have more than one spouse at a time bigamy , and most citizens comply with this rule. Endogamy is divided into four sub types such as caste, sub-caste, varna and tribal endogamy. Strict monogamy and serial monogamy. Types or forms of marriage varies from society to society. It is found in all civilized societies. Non - fraternal polyandry In this type the husbands need not have any close relationship prior to the marriage. Thus, even when polygyny is preferred, there are only a few men, mostly wealthy ones, who have more than one wife at a time Broude Similarly exogamous marriage may be divided into four sub-types such as Gotra, Pravar, Sapinda and village exogamy. It continue till death. It is most common form of the marriage found among in the societies around the world. But this is an older version of the same concept practiced generally in the early 19th and 20th century where two women lived together which might or might not be sexual. According to anthropologist Cia Hua, sexual liaisons among the Na took place in the form of "visits" initiated by either men or women, each of whom might have two or three partners each at any given time and as many as two hundred throughout a lifetime. Like caste tribe is also an endogamous unit. This mainly happens due to scarcity of women. Historically in continental Europe and England societies that are the source of much of U.

Types of marriage sociology

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  1. Though it has not been legalized anywhere but is still practiced in certain places. In many societies, having several wives is a mark of prestige, distinction and status.

  2. Sororal polygyny It is a type of marriage in which the wives are invariably the sisters.

  3. It was a common practice in ancient civilizations. Some cultures allow an individual to have more than one spouse at the same time.

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