Twilight zone a matter of minutes

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The foreman finds them too late as the Wrights suddenly emerge into their own world again. They take that general topic and specifically explore the nature of reality, and how it is created one minute at a time. Or maybe we're the fiction, moving minute by minute Of course, the blue men are silent and stoic going about their jobs. I sometimes wonder if the Blue Man Group didn't get their idea from this episode. They anxiously count off the seconds, and as

Twilight zone a matter of minutes

They hide inside a theater ticket booth and wait until They have a plan: The Wrights start to go in the direction of the voice barking out orders to the workers until the voice tells them to chase the Wrights. Adam Arkin Michael is always an interesting choice. When they investigate they find time has stopped. In fact, I had a very hard time getting through it, which was a first for a Sturgeon story. This temporal fantasizing is cut short as she hears a noise downstairs. However, A Matter of Minutes does everything else so well, that it is a complete success. Showing them exactly how time is maintained, he reveals to them a new understanding of how the universe works: They notice the clock on the bank also says Karen Austin was a competent actress with a definite presence, and I've always wondered why she sort of dropped out of sight right after this she filmed "Summer Rental" in the same year, and in fact has been working all along, but not in anything visible. A sudden loud noise and whoosh of wind and the Wrights suddenly come into their world again. Luckily they run into a man in a yellow suit who seems to be the supervisor. He takes them out of the void. Confused and frightened, the couple run into a back alley and enter a void of white space. The man in yellow sees them, but is powerless to do anything. They are rolling up carpets and moving furniture. The faceless blue men stand out in contrast to the reality they are constructing whether it is inside the house or downtown. That is an immediately intriguing subject, especially to anyone who is watching The Twilight Zone. They anxiously count off the seconds, and as The couple are very confused. They walk downtown, where the blue people are reconstructing a car accident, and placing other cars in the street. They hide inside a theatre ticket booth waiting until their time, They've become "stuck" in the minute He takes them back to their house, where the blue men are still building. In their living room, they see the blue man group working in their living room — men with blue featureless faces, blue skin and blue clothing.

Twilight zone a matter of minutes

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  1. They discover a man in yellow who helps them out of the void and explains to them that he is the supervisor of the maintenance of time. He and his blue men have to leave, which they do, in a huff.

  2. There are several more. Outside they see more blue men scurrying around, using blue tools and driving blue vans.

  3. Realizing he has suddenly gained four hours and thirty-two minutes, he starts making out with June.

  4. Her mind is probably on what she will do with her extra four hours and thirty minutes. The couple walks into an alley, where they find themselves in the middle of a white void.

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