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Our intent is to both celebrate the records we all know and love like the back of our hands, while simultaneously shedding light on some lesser-known, but equally essential records that fall within these constraints. And not to mention her adeptness in playing the piano, gosh she sings and plays the piano at the same time effortlessly! McCoy was known to throw in many occult, biblical, and apocalyptic references throughout the band's year career. Williams was a performer as well as a vocalist, bringing cathartic performance art alive with his dark, gloomy, and macabre music. Goth is deep, dark, and intelligent with rich textures that evoke a mood in the listener. Sid Vicious even played drums with the band early on, before joining the Sex Pistols. The band is still active today, though the most recent release was Violent Acts of Beauty On their second record, the band truly come into their own with warmer synth textures, shimmering guitars, ambient interludes, and some of the most masterful tracks recorded in the era. Someday hope to attend their concert.

Top goth

That said, their penchant for sedated tempos and also found them an audience among metal and post-rock fans across the board, making them one of the more transcendent bands on the list. The results are explosive and powerful, and helped to put the budding 4AD on the map. And it could be argued that it was the audience that created goth, as eventually any band adopted by the goth crowd became gothic by association, whether or not their music fitted the bill. Whoever saw the on stage knows what I'm talking about. Includes most of the favourites from Lazy Calm to Iceblink Luck. The best thing I ever heard about Image is not enough for me. Although the band has toured the world, and still occasionally play shows, they have remained a cult band. After a series of early singles as The Boys Next Door, the band fully captured their intense and flamboyant live performances on tape, staunchly rebelling against the budding new romantic movement with a record that is as brutal as they come. Even though Sex Gang Children split up in , the band's music has stood the test of time, and in the '90s a new version of the band surfaced, which continues to this day. Saddly I never got a change to see them live. When I listen to them it seems like I am in some other world, the world made by ev's. Brennan is also an open liberal, never hiding his support for human rights, animal rights, and environmentalism. No matter we have to wait for 4 long years but now when they have just returned, I feels like we are still alive. V 71 Comments 3 Bauhaus Unfortunatley most young people today don't really undersatand what Goth-Rock is. Sorry but I sometimes can't tell or simply hear the difference between the the other bands while the cure has and always had their sound! November 2, Goth is an extremely complicated genre. I respect her because she ain't like some other female artists who rely more on their sex appeal rather than talent to sell their songs. Sadly, in after years of drug addictions, Williams was found dead, by apparent suicide. The result was captured on this best-of their early stuff: This record is the perfect balance of both eras, lush and beautiful, yet using tense classical instrumentation to powerful effect. Joy Division is just the "mother" of all gothic bands. The band were not authorized to film there, and had to sneak in and out for the production. I totally agree with the previous poster - most of the entries above the Sisters on this list would probably not even exist if it were not for the Sisters. Shades of their previous punk incarnation remain intact, while the band fully embraces synthesizers and club-friendly arrangements. Yes, they have songs that are Gothic, but they don't consider themselves Goth and they're more focused on Alternative Metal. I love them from botton of my heart.

Top goth

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  1. The Death Cult incarnation of the band is an important work in the annuals of gothic rock and positive punk.

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