Taurus woman gemini woman compatibility

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Earth partners will have to learn to be more spontaneous instead of always insisting on a plan. However, when this translates to every day Virgo can seem preachy or nitpicky. She loves to be wooed the old fashioned way and he is willing to adapt in order to win his lady love. However, like a rebellious teen seeking emancipation from a parent, you may never admit that this person has taught you anything. In many ways, once he gets to know her properly, the Taurus man will discover that the Gemini woman is his worst nightmare. After all, they are ruled by Venus and Mercury, two inner planets that are, when combined, in charge of fun, sweet talk and the art of conversation. Conflict turns to intense passion in the bedroom for the Bull and the Lion but often isn't enough to make up for incompatibility.

Taurus woman gemini woman compatibility

The Gemini woman is highly imaginative, and she imagines her Taurus man to be twelve different varieties of himself, before breakfast. Her dual nature may catch the stable Taurus off guard but if his strategies are already in place and he is really smitten, he will pursue her and will wait until she is ready to be committed. Are you a starter, a doer or a finisher? Geminis eventually feel the gaping hole where the put-aside needs are not being fulfilled. Hard work pays off; Taureans take this motto very seriously, where rewarding themselves afterward, is a given. Some Geminis may go as far as filling that hole with another person who will meet those unmet, unexpressed needs — even if they didn't plan it. True to the Twin archetype of your sign, there is another side to you that people don't often see. If Taurus gives in to those Bullish possessive feelings, or if Gemini is aloof and detached as they often are , this relationship may suffer. Which signs should Gemini generally steer clear? Finding love is an active process, so stop waiting around for that special someone and consult a psychic today! Libra September 23 — October 22 This couple looks really good together. Taurus Man and Gemini Woman Taurus man is an old school charmer who will delight his object of affection with his good manners and thoughtfulness. Despite major compatibility, Taurus and Cancer have issues from time to time, but consulting a psychic helps them work through any bumps in the road. Over time, the Bull feels neglected by the free-spirited Ram, who in turn feels trapped by Taurus' need for one-on-one attention. You would prefer to not be single. There are four elements in astrology: Can we make a plan around here? Considering their emotional changeability, Geminis are surprisingly loyal partners for as long as their need for excitement and change are met. In general, their interests are not that similar, but they can find a way to communicate, for none of them lacks gentleness and a way with words. When it comes to love, a Taurean can be possessive if not jealous , and are sensually-hardwired beings that require the occasional mushy displays of affection - candlelit dinners, walks on the beach, pillow talk; you name it. Venus A Taurean knows how to enjoy life's little pleasures, while also craving an indulgence here and there. The lasting factor here will be if Gemini is flexible and agrees with futuristic and yet unyielding ideas of this air sign. In this love match, it can be hard to get in sync. How the two choose to rise above each one's differences, will determine the outcome of their relationship. Both have amazing taste and like the same activities. If possessive Taurus is able to let go and give one Twin the relationship security and intimacy it wants while allowing the other Twin its freedom, things will go well between these two.

Taurus woman gemini woman compatibility

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  1. True to the Twin archetype of your sign, there is another side to you that people don't often see. While Taureans can be stubborn sometimes interpreted as immature , and remarkably goal-oriented, their downfall may lie in the fact that they aren't willing to back down, even if someone they love barricades their path.

  2. The Taurus woman should generally avoid Gemini, Aquarius and Leo. Leo July 23 — August 22 Taurus and the Leo man are opposites in nearly every respect, making this unlikely pairing more quarrelsome than most are willing to endure.

  3. It is best for both of them to walk, a lot, for this can keep Gemini grounded, while Taurus always needs movement not to end up in a static, inert, horizontal state.

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