Tantra massage baltimore

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When booking, you will be asked to choose a male or a female masseur. The experience has opened my eyes and my body to a new level of being and I will forever be changed by the experience. We find ourselves focused primarily on pleasuring our men, rarely giving a thought to our own needs. In my robe again, we moved to the massage studio, where I was invited to lie face down upon the table, resting my head on a fresh towel and firm pillow. It will also help you experience your endless ecstatic potential. The yoni massage can reawaken your connection with your deepest feminine core and have a tremendously healing effect on pains, tensions and problems, thus helping you feel more sexual desire, pleasure, and orgasm.

Tantra massage baltimore

There is plenty of time to sit and talk before the massage in order for you to feel safe and familiar about the experience and with the masseur. Then, just as before, a towel was placed across my midsection. It was stunning to know that after 40 years on this planet so much could be revealed to me about the inner workings of my physical being. Simply recalling the moment would produce orgasmic quivers! I would not be disappointed by my initial judgment. You are used to your planned out day or ritual so you can make the most use of your time. It was clear that we would begin slowly, allowing for this experience to unfold gradually and naturally. I was told to expect the session to last from two to three hours. Soon, I found myself crying silently for more. We did not stay in the bath as long as I might have desired, as my guide was concerned not to over saturate my skin with water, lessening the pleasure of the massage to follow. When the massage is over, you will be offered some fruit and something to drink. It will hopefully not be the last. I was exhausted and invigorated all at the same time. To view it otherwise is to diminish its value. When do you find time to unplug and just be? At this point, with little inhibition, I secretly hoped that it would soon be removed. Graciously, Goddess Diana of http: Prologue For most of our lives, women serve as the caretakers in our society. I am easily reachable between the hours of 9am till midnight. Our masseurs are educated in listening and understanding your needs here and now. Once ready, you will have the chance to take a shower, in order to freshen up and ground into the body, with plenty of time on your own to undress and lie down comfortably before the masseur returns. The journey into yourself will be like a guided tour into realizing the being that you are when you feel completely free and loved. The massage and touch will help awaken your erotic energy and distribute it throughout your whole body. We began our meeting with wine and conversation. I sat in awe as my guide easily and effortlessly played with my body, brushing bubbles over my breasts and cupping them gently.

Tantra massage baltimore

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  1. Of course our men do please us, but it is usually part of a ritual that is in response to our pleasuring them first. These limitations and blockages can be dissolved by the loving and conscious touch in the tantra massage.

  2. A series of sensitive e-mail communications, ultimately gave me the confidence to make an appointment. Soon, I found myself crying silently for more.

  3. My hands will be guided to certain power centers of your body and after our time together your body will memorize where my hand has been almost like an imprint you will feel energetically. Having caught my breath, my guide helped me to roll over and onto my back.

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