Talentless hacks

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That the 10, hours rule helps you get better but not all the way better. There are plenty of doctors around who are awesome but not the best of the best of the best. A team need people in roles, rather than positions. April 20, Journalism is a lot like software development or anything else for that matter in that it's common practice for top performers to eventually move into management, in large part because that also happens to be the path to financial well-being. You could code without trying to launch your own app or start a business. The professional smart person Cal Newport even said this: We could get jealous and loathe ourselves for all the ways we lack…or we could admit it and go on. The best editors where those who had experience working as writers, but never felt that role was a good fit.

Talentless hacks

As editors, these people appreciated and respected their writers precisely because: The most stunning artist? So maybe some of your hobbies are just meant to stay like that. I guess I still could. So what do you next? Is that the end of the world? Not quadra-billionaires is that a word? All of this leads me back to the notion that hierarchy is a poor framework for knowledge work. That means you have to give up go back to 1! A team need people in roles, rather than positions. Maybe it's the rather unfortunately macho term itself—anyone who calls themselves "master" anything can quite naturally be assumed to be a bit of an assclown. Which is also super annoying. If you are talentless like me , keeping a hobby is fine. There are plenty of doctors around who are awesome but not the best of the best of the best. The worst editors I've ever worked for, and I've worked for a lot in a 20 year freelance career, were genius writers turned editor. It takes some business acumen. I blog about the writing process at Create, Make, Write and write about everyday life at Vaguely Feel. It will be harder for people like you and me since we are talentless hacks. You could make a living from your interest in art and design without showcasing in MOMA or at the Whitney. If you liked this post, please recommend it! But I love basketball. Other people realize it was a skill and they decided to pick it up because they were generally interested in it. I was prompted to reflect on all of this by Alistair Cockburn's post about a recent discussion at the Salt Lake City Agile Roundtable where everyone offered up advice to a new team lead, ie, one promoted from star programmer to manager. Very few people just arrive those are the prodigies…and are annoying. The most eloquent writer? And they have a pretty nice life.

Talentless hacks

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