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However, in chaotic unstructured environments with random geometries and large variations on terrain composition, robotic platforms will be challenged more than ever to avoid getting stuck while still performing relevant and meaningful exploration. Also, the integration of different algorithms to provide a consistent management function has not yet been accomplished. This category assumes a nominal gravitational field; mobility in a microgravity field is handled in the section addressing technology 4. Thus, supervisory control is judged to be a high-priority technology. While it is not universally true to say that more mobility will negate any deficiencies in autonomy, it is fair to say that the more capable a platform is in terms of mobility, the better it will perform across the spectrum of autonomy. If it has either the plastic chassis or the carbon graphite one there will be some modifications needed to fit any 7.


This approach relies on the development of autonomous skills that the remote manipulator can execute and then report the status thereof. Beginning in the s and continuing up to the present, surface oriented robotic sampling, shallow drilling, and sample preservation systems have achieved TRL 9. Robotic or automated rendezvous and docking operations will not involve real-time human control. This effort is easily justified when considering the potential benefits for both human and robotic exploration of the outer solar system and beyond. To be honest I'd go for the 8Nimh batteries as they will be a little more robust and easier to charge. The development of means to tolerate higher remote operator latencies through the use of embedded automation increases the risk and necessary investment level. In addition, higher degrees of mobility serve to complement autonomy. In a game-changing manner, RDSP will improve the science return of robotic science missions to small bodies, moons, and planets. The microgravity ISS environment could be employed to address many engineering unknowns associated with robotic drilling such as cutting chip behavior in a microgravity environment and unknowns associated with processing and manipulation of powdered or sliced samples in microgravity. The risk of dexterous manipulation capability development is varied. I won't say it's a good or bad car because a lot depends on the setup of the car and the driver controlling it. Analyses of surface samples from any planetary body are of great scientific interest, and future RDSP research and development will continue to produce more capable surface and near-surface samplers. Thus, supervisory control is judged to be a high-priority technology. While Russia, Japan, and Europe have also developed applicable technology, it is important that the United States develop its own capability to ensure a means of accomplishing scientific and exploration missions of national priority and importance. First, a combination of supervised autonomy coupled with autonomous sensing and control has the potential to endure very large latencies and can be implemented with limited bandwidth communication links. Further, the high-bandwidth, low-latency communications requirement limits the utility of this system for remote operations where latency has adverse control stability effects. Additionally, it includes roving wheeled, tracked, and walking , crawling, horizontal hopping, slithering, swimming through sand, rolling, climbing, and tethering. NASA could benefit from the development of novel actuation technologies that dramatically increase the strength to weight ratio. Can't advise much in regards to the M06 chassis as I haven't had much experience with Tamiya mini's. Also, the integration of different algorithms to provide a consistent management function has not yet been accomplished. This involves moving across horizontal surfaces while navigating over, around, or through obstacles, vertical surfaces, and all terrain soil types. NASA could either partner with these groups or leverage technologies currently under development to take advantage of complementary existing programs. Even structured obstacles such as stairs, walls, sewers, etc. Support for a very robust RDSP technology development program scored high because such a technology development push corresponds directly to one of the NASA strategic goals exploring the origins and fate of life in the universe. Key components to be addressed include the development of robust high-level autonomous behaviors and control, multi-sensor fusion, clearly understood and usable presentations of information from multiple robots for human understanding, time-delayed interpretation and presentation of robot provided information, haptic feedback, and means for a supervisory control system to handle communication outages. The alignment with other aerospace needs is considered to be medium, as this research has the potential to have a large impact on a subset of other aerospace sectors, such as commercial spacecraft.


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  1. The advantage of using a lipo battery in it will be a reduction of weight and possibly longer times before you have to recharge them.

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