Sushi mani

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The two main kinds of sushi are Nigiri and Maki. What's On What's your favourite kind of sushi? Cherry on top is that when they think you've been occupying a table long enough they bring you the bill and ask you to leave. Just a room with many tables. Which is not fair considering you have to ask twice for anything if you want to get it.

Sushi mani

I will definitely be back to try more food and drinks as MiAn is surely here to stay delivering great sushi in Tucson. The first time we came as a group of 3 we haven't booked in advance and were waiting around for minutes for them to seat us. Sit at the bar or in a booth and choose items from the moving belt or order hot food. Bin, the owner, is warm and hospitable. Amazing and my 1 favorite sushi place in Tucson! Nigiri sushi consists of delicate pods of sushi rice draped with thin slices of fresh fish, seafood and other toppings. Queen's Walk, Reading The restaurant offers traditional Japanese cuisine ranging from sashimi, sushi, traditional and modern makis as well as grilled seafoods, meats, tempuras, rice and noodles. Maki sushi is rolled with an outer layer of sushi rice and thinly sliced fresh fish or vegetables with crispy nori seaweed on the inside. This is indicative of the menu - creative, delicious, and bold. Everything was delicious and perfect! I would be remiss in not mentioning the drink they call the aphrodisiac - it's a must try. What's On What's your favourite kind of sushi? There are various live cooking stations around the restaurant where diners can watch food being prepared. Donec nec nisi augue. Mauris aliquet dui eget ligula semper, sed egestas massa mattis. From the pioneers behind Pret a Manger, the food joint serves up flavours of the Far East with dishes such as low carb salads, chicken noodle soups and freshly made sushi and sashimi. Three flaming Choi rolls later, along with a table full of rolls, tofu, scallops--a seemingly endless menu of truly creative dishes--we were beyond satisfied. Although the restaurant offers a variety of Japanese inspired cuisine, they still have some typical elements found in sushi restaurants such as edamame beans, tempura, steamed buns, gyoza, ramen, katsu curries and miso soup. We were still refused a food menu before 10pm. Just a room with many tables. And the prices are surprisingly reasonable for the quality and high-end experience. We came at 9: We had the calamari to start, very tender and spicy, the angry tuna roll, and the Baja Cali roll. Thanks for those 8 minutes, mate! The modern elegance, exceptional service and amazing cuisine, has me as an ultimate fan!

Sushi mani

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  1. The whole place smells like chlorine and I am not exaggerating when i say that whatever they were spraying on the table next to ours, was going directly into my food. The signature roll - The Real Choi - was outstanding, along with the cold plate appetizers which we shared.

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