Stubbornness in a relationship

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It might seem right to maintain a certain direction or certain requirements, yet the reality of things greatly differs from what we imagine to be correct. If he learned to cultivate a strong sense of self-worth and value, he may respond this way: Another is methodical and calm. The ability to see the bigger picture is also required for you to be able to do this. The perception of accepting stubbornness perpetuates the behavior. Love may be present, but boredom with rule with predictability.

Stubbornness in a relationship

It is simply easier to give in. One variation is outright obstinance and control. So, how do we overcome this issue? But sometimes we get it wrong. When our hearts are divided and distracted, we are not choosing good self-care! While it sometimes might be useful to display that you have a backbone and that you do not renounce your rights at the smallest push from someone, finding the correct balance is the true challenge. Your perspective should be set on the long run and your target should be the end result. If there is something we consider necessary, there are various other ways of approaching our partner and to convince him or her. Most commonly, the act of being stubborn arises in a conflict. And, even the most patient and sensible of individuals is susceptible to a bout of stubbornness if provoked enough. There is a rebuttal to every way and there is mostly always refute to a new idea. Does Stubbornness Pay Off in a Relationship? This is how the delusion starts to takes root. There is only a temporary solution, because in the end the long term solution lies in the hand of the stubborn partner who needs to make many changes. Although circumstances vary, flexibility has always been the source of a successful result. Now, both partners are the reasons for the relationship failing. Stubbornness has different ways in which it is worn, but the results are still the same. This is an issue that can stunt our emotional and spiritual growth, and can cause a bitterness that will destroy our quality of life and relationships with others. The moodiness of the stubborn is a lot to bear. Stubbornness is a strategy for disconnection, to attempt to protect us from pain! Stubbornness is really just a wrong expression of passion, persistence, and determination. Learning how to replace our instinctual or learned defenses with the ones given by God takes work and practice! Understanding takes insight, and such a perspective is far from one who has a myopic view. Find the reason behind the behavioral pattern. How can we overcome our hardness of heart? The perception of accepting stubbornness perpetuates the behavior.

Stubbornness in a relationship

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  1. Frustration will dominate the relationship due to inflexibility. Stubbornness is bad for our holistic health!

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