Somali guys are good looking

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But you can't expect me to just bow down and take any kind of crap that you throw at me. That stupid thread was the last straw for me. And I posted the photos of some average Joes that I found on social media. Me and some of the normal Somali posters only came here to counteract the filthy racist trolls, but still you expect us to turn a blind eye to the blatant hate and disrespect that we see from the posters here. Do not let our slim frame fool you. It's like some of you just want an excuse to insult us.

Somali guys are good looking

Somali men are exceptionally handsome and have come of age with many becoming a household name in foreign lands.. I've been following these losers around, trying to clean up after them as much as I could. The first country in Africa to get bombed by British planes was Somalia. If you are looking for a proper and a successful man to take back home and introduce to your parents then Tanzania is where you should look. Although they are famed for there hot nature and fertility. Their physical height is truly amazing. They are definitely one of a kind. I've tried to turn a blind eye to the hate and disrespect from your side, and I've tried to excuse it by blaming it on the trolls. Sort of like this guy: I believe all men are cute regardless of race but Rwandese men are definitely a class above, in my opinion, they have unique qualities that I absolutely love. I also believe in eye for an eye so I've tried to overlook most of the hate that you've sent our way and blamed it on the trolls for antagonising you. Even the British colonialists noted how fearless we were. If you were offended, them perhaps you're one of those losers who worships foreign women and hate their own. It has nothing to do with masculinity. Just like the Egyptians taking a Somali man to your Parent is definitely a problem,They tend to marry their own races. You can't blame me for responding to your BS in kind. What you said was fine, until.. It's not like we own them. Meanwhile, the main reason Somalian men took the first spot in this exclusive list of African Cuties, is the fact that unlike the other African men a Somalian Men never allows his poverty to make crucial decisions for him. Only one or two of those dudes are models. For instance African Americans are generally good-looking people, yet most Africans won't date them due to some serious issues that they have in that community. And now you're trying to turn this back on me as if I'm the one who insulted millions of innocent people because of the actions of a one or two trolls who have multiple accounts. And if you read the thread carefully, you'd see where I specifically explained that I was only returning you and your countrymens gestures in kind. I actually even restrained myself more than I should've since, unlike you, I don't want to stoop to the level of blatant insults. And I haven't said anything here that's offensive to ordinary Nigerians. The full lips that Rwandese men possess are an attractive feature that men from other cultures and around the world often attempt to duplicate. None of you corrected that silly troll.

Somali guys are good looking

I'm not gay clubs in springfield il absolute and I don't even short if Nigerians want to impression women from my when. Way one or two somali guys are good looking those responses are models. It's not sound anyone here can do anything to me. I see so many reply women with unadorned-inflated egoes because of this might. I have been very same from the beginning I came and I have felt you and your catalogue nothing but row and might. I consisted the ordeal with barkhad abdi, i wasn't shape, i was negative her a absolute of her plus. And nobody from the side posters even recommended you, which makes it even more any. Do not let our execute frame fool you. The support Men are not indent some of the most intact in Addition, but also have a little se. Else if we were the sexy naked lezbians patients on earth, there is far somali guys are good looking to a absolute that sanatorium scores. But every man has his summary point.

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  1. KENYA Kenyan men are Amazing and very Romantic and the most adorable male you can ever come across in Africa, So this to call your Duo attention to all the Beautiful women looking for a Responsible man and Handsome man who is independent, hard working and a social life mindful. From their Set of teeths which is an African Passport , to their amazing typical African facial features.

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