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Issue with "Fix missing spaces" and "? Use Gmail shortcuts in the list view. In fact, I think mastering Google Docs has become an essential professional skill. Reset video position after new file - thx OmrSi Fixed: It looks something like this: Here are the most important keys for navigating the list view: Issue with nested tags in "Remove text for HI" - thx darnn Fixed:


Current line issue for "Set end, offset rest" - thx OmrSi Fixed: Add "Search" in "Open subtitle w manual chosen encoding" Improved: Update Finnish translation - thx Teijo S Improved: Add some style support to "Modify selection" Improved: To do this, hover over the column header and click the arrow icon that appears to bring up a menu. Normalize "new-line" from mkv files - thx mkver Fixed: The controls will disappear so that you can focus on your content. In a document with several headings, place your insertion point at the top of the document. When I create outlines for new courses on Treehouse, the documents tend to get pretty lengthy. Typewriter effect with tags - thx OmrSi Fixed: For setting index for recent file - thx OmrSi Fixed: Issue with last line in some. Possible crash in list view - thx lambdacore12 Fixed: In a document, go to the View menu and select the Full screen option. In the image below, there are numbers in column B that are covered by the menu. Google maintains a directory of templates that you can use to get a jump start on your next document. Casing issue regarding "President" - thx Kolle Fixed: Update Chinese translation - thx Leon Improved: Add "Import as plain text" button for unknown subtitle types Improved: Copy source to clipboard now adds video offset - thx Ingo Fixed: In the image below, you can see what these rules look like for our example. Free yourself from distraction and edit fullscreen. Style when add subtitle with F9 in create mode - thx OmrSi Fixed: Download of ffmpeg Improved: Hack the custom header styles to quickly add formatting. Update Czech translation - thx Trottel Improved:


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  1. Add some style support to "Modify selection" Improved: Issue with nested tags in "Remove text for HI" - thx darnn Fixed:

  2. Update Brazilian translation - thx Igor Improved: List view focus after video fullscreen - thx OmrSi Fixed:

  3. In this case, Google magically filled in the remaining cells with other Star Wars characters. Issue with nested tags in "Remove text for HI" - thx darnn Fixed:

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