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Two wheels or four, L. From the Supercross champ of the late '80s to the Southwest deserts of the new century, Rick Johnson is a name shared by some fast individuals. Aaron Dixon's Lompoc, California, home is closer to great surfing and fishing than it is to prerunnin' and racin' terrain. The race began outside Las Vegas in the town of Alamo, Nevada, and ripped through Nevada's backcountry to finish miles later in Reno. Although he races a Stock Class truck, customers of Foutz Motorsports can commission Greg and his crew to craft a scratch-built race vehicle out of his Tempe, Arizona, shop. Class-mandated 12 inches of front travel took Koenig from Vegas to Reno for a Fourth Place class finish. The quartet took the Toyota Protruck to 12th in class. Way to tough it out!


If the racers didn't notice Nevada's history, they certainly noticed its terrain. Deaver springs and Fox shocks make the most of the limited suspension travel. Though smaller in displacement than the Ford, Chevy, and Dodge offerings, the Toyota mill makes up for it with newer technology, such as dual overhead cams with four valves per cylinder. The Goodyear tires, Bilstein shocks, and Borla exhaust may have helped, too. If you haven't heard of Larry Roeseler, now is the perfect time to get familiar with one of the fastest guys on the dirt. Curt LeDuc has his own stable of racing trucks, but other teams have called on his services on several occasions. Protruck's other Rick Johnson, Rick L. Although he races a Stock Class truck, customers of Foutz Motorsports can commission Greg and his crew to craft a scratch-built race vehicle out of his Tempe, Arizona, shop. Todd LeDuc is a professional downhill mountain biker who won the National Downhill Championship. The Agua Dulce, California, resident nearly pulled it off, finishing Second Protruck in the mile contest. Curt is adept as slower speeds, too, as he's placed well in several rockcrawling competitions. Even the OEM ignition must be retained in this class. The third driveshaft took them to the finish line for 32nd overall, Third Trick Truck. The CORR truck is a scratch-built thoroughbred with fiberglass skins, while the Pure Stock Explorer retains original doors, framerails, and suspension components. Consider a short cruise down the Las Vegas Strip with the dry, dusty, pounding washes and two-track roads that Best in the Desert racers faced on their mile trip from Las Vegas to the checkered flag in Reno. The silver F won the Stock Full Size contest. Best in the Desert: Later this year, L. After the second driveshaft called it quits, they received a tow to the next pit where the repairs were made. Virginia City in particular was instrumental in financing the Union during the American Civil War with its vast silver deposits. Yesterday's explorers and today's racers negotiated steep mountain passes and silt-laden dry lakes. Nevada's silver boom may be over, but its racing boom is in full swing. Consider the platinum-plated plush lives of casino tycoons compared with the poverty and drought in which the region's first settlers lived. Front wheels are allowed 15 inches of travel, while rear travel is unrestricted. Baldwin crossed the finish line in just more than nine and a half hours to claim Second in the Trick Truck division. The duo's familiarity with harsh desert conditions combined favorably with premium equipment for a winning combination.


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