Rannulph junuh real person

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Redford completely ignores the issue of racial bigotry in the film. Junuh refuses to take part in the match "I lost my swing," he says , despite persuasions by different people in different ways, but his mind gets the better of him and he goes outside in the night to hit golfballs. On the whole it's a nice movie. Don't know, or cared, if Walter Hagen and Bobby Jones was portrayed correctly. They are Scott and Zelda, possibly, so young, so pale, so beautiful, so damned, so doomed. This implied meaning is straight forward leaving it obvious to the audience. Read more Having little interest in the game of golf, I found myself pleasantly surprised at this wonderfully made film which has golf as its catalyst. The 30's are also brought to life in a breathtaking fashion, recreating a time of colorful hats for the ladies and tops hats for men, outfits bursting with bright colors and accesories calling attention to a time gone by.

Rannulph junuh real person

Let's just take one example for this exhumation. Her chemistry with Damon is believable, which sells me on their romance. Golf is a subject that many people can wax poetic about at great length, its mythology being a thing of reverence. Not like those sports announcer voice over in other sport movie When it comes to golf technique he's totally incompetent, but he's a great coach in the mental aspects of the game, as in self-confidence. As a consequence, he's a kind of godlike figure, beloved and glamorous, who quite naturally is awarded and deserves the adoration of Adele Invergordon Charlize Theron , daughter of the richest man in Savannah and prime beauty of the South. The movie itself is very well crafted. It's a tale of redemption and the indomitable nature of the human spirit. The Georgia scenery is breathtaking and Rachel Portman contributes a wonderful score that carefully compliments the film's period. The story is told through the eyes and memory of an elderly man named Hardy Greaves. Previously ranked as one of the greatest players ever, he in unable to play to his previous skill level. Matt Damon does a fine job as Junuh, a young man who lost all of his men in a WWI battle and has retreated within himself, giving up his love for the game of golf. I think perhaps he also needs a guiding angel these days to get him back on track, as did Junuh. The thing was a shattering experience and marked, in many critics' eyes, the beginning of the modern world: Read more I can't play golf, wish I could, but I loved the film. Junuh's lost swing is more than just his sports talent, but also comes to represent his loss of self worth and reality upon his return from the war. The story is somewhat trite, but the presentation is splendid. Read more The Legend of Bagger Vance is an unusually uplifting tale in today's age of more serious and depressing films. I like the actor Matt Damon, especially after seeing Good Will Hunting, but he looked too young for a burned out, drunken World War I vet in , which is when the movie is set. More importantly he also loses his swing which to any golfer who knows IS his identity. In Savannah in the 's, you were not likely to have seen a black caddie at an exclusive country club, particularly one dressed in tattered clothes. Oh, sure, like the great game itself, the film occasionally falls a bit short of perfect, but only just a bit, and, again like the great game itself, it also occasionally takes my breath away in a moment of shining brilliance. While the photography stands out as being beautifully well done, the acting is superb as well. Seeing this again, I also notice the adult humor more. This implied meaning is straight forward leaving it obvious to the audience.

Rannulph junuh real person

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  1. And of course, it is lovely to have one last performance albeit as narrator from the great Jack Lemmon.

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