Quasar accounting

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This method effectively locks users out of complete sections of the application. However, it stays in transit in the receiving store until received. Pay all bills from that site and allocate expenses appropriately. Stock onhand is reduced in the sending store immediately when the transfer is created. If opened from a purchase order, the sales history screen displays the history of each item as you enter them on the order. All other accounting entries are done as you buy, sell or conduct normal business activities.

Quasar accounting

Either way Quasar provides the ability to include the charges in the landed cost calculation. Most of the information screens provide the ability to drill down to the transaction level. For purchasing purposes you can view your sales in either the selling case size or in the purchasing case size. View the sales history of an item by month, week or day. Only active and stocked items appear on inventory lists and lookups by default. This hierarchy provides an excellent tool for finding, reporting and listing items. A table of contents provides the ability to move around and view several help screens in succession. Using XML files you can import data such as the chart of accounts, inventory, customer information, vendor information, opening balances, journal entries, purchase orders, packing slips, vendor invoices, customer invoices, consignments in and consignments out. For example, bottle deposits, can deposits and pallet deposits. Currently the Quasar server runs on Linux, The point-of-sale runs on Linux. This will be limited only by the user security access. Allocate payments and credits to specific invoices or allocate them to the oldest invoices. In addition, flags control specific functions within some screens. Define both line discounts and transaction discounts. All adjustments post to the ledger accounts. If opened from a purchase order, the sales history screen displays the history of each item as you enter them on the order. Define early payment terms and take early payment discounts. After a each work shift, you can close the shift, complete cash reconciliations using a cash reconcile wizard and report on the results. Select a specific vendor to pay, or choose to pay several bills. Quasar Accounting Quasar is a full function, stand-alone business accounting package. Write cheques manually, pay online, or professionally print them to a printer using a cheque form. The Quasar user can only access the areas of the application that are included in the menu file that they are linked to. Quasar handles multiple charges on one vendor invoice. Select labels from one of our supported forms. In addition to using the price batch to calculate regular prices it can be used to calculate the four customer level prices and the four quantity level prices for each item.

Quasar accounting

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