Possessive mother in law

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Thus even letting my mother-in-law go live with her daughter for a couple of days so we can go out and have a bit personal space is absolutely impossible. But things started getting really awkward: Once it was 6: It's not just what she does or says but, more importantly, how your husband reacts to it. If an in-law doesn't react positively to your well-intended gestures or comments, don't take it personally. My husband and I have a 'no-telling policy' when it comes to personal information that we feel can be used to control our lives.

Possessive mother in law

Don't be swayed by stereotypes. Financially she is dependent on alimony, social welfare and my husband. After her daughter got engaged and moved out of the house, she has been living with her son, i. I feel more like a mistress or whore. Take your in-laws out shopping and eat out with them once in a while. Anjali adds, "Keeping personal topics out of bounds helps improve in-law relations too. It wasn't easy being bullied and pushed into a corner," says Radha. Anjali suggests a solution she utilised. The wife is not seen as the 'first' woman in the man's life. After we got married, I moved in with him and my mother-in-law. Forge a personal bond with your in-laws. Once it was 6: I changed the meds, still I got very sick and lethargic suffering from withdrawal side-effects, to the point I had to take a break from school. When three of us are in the house, or at dinner table, I have no clue what is going on and I feel disrespected, ignored and embarrassed. Laughter is a great binding agent, so rent DVDs of a few comedies and watch them together. This causes the most problems in marriages. We had a big argument about my marriage and since then my clinical depression got worsened. Sincerely focus on your relationship with your spouse and do whatever you can to strengthen your bond with him. Go over old photo albums together in your spare time. Though disguised under the excuse that I want to live closer to school, in fact we are pretty much separated. Living with them is just unbearable. Remain positive and try making the best out of your situation. She moved out of the house a long time ago. We found that the best way to keep relations positive was to limit the number of visits we have with them and the time spent during those visits. Sometimes, this can make parents feel vulnerable and be on the defensive, even without provocation. It's not just what she does or says but, more importantly, how your husband reacts to it. The hard work was intensified by the pressures of demanding in-laws and children, not to mention deadlines that had to be met at work," says Radha.

Possessive mother in law

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  1. It happened also once or twice when we were intimate but she knocked on the door by accident, or she heard something at night then asked the next morning if we were fine.

  2. Setting boundaries Making a list of 'non-negotiables' can help a young couple deal with an extended family. Thus, few people in the family appreciate what a woman does for the home or understands why she seems tired and irritable.

  3. But, with a mix of tact, straightforwardness and 'healthy selfishness', it is definitely possible to deal with them successfully," says Anjali Singh, a year old manager with a finance company in Delhi, who has been married for three years. Anjali suggests a solution she utilised.

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