Omni god definition

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The almighty God expects human beings to obey Him, and He holds them responsible for their thoughts and actions. It is why many address Him as "Father". Now in theology, the claim that Godhead is wholly present in all places at any given moment in time. However, it is different with God. He knows our every thought.

Omni god definition

Yet love is a complicated word. It is why we worship Him, pray to Him. God does "not [count] men's sins against them" 2 Corinthians 5: The Problem of Evil The question of why, if God has the above 4 characteristics, evil exists in the universe I begin with God's omnibenevolence, which, for me, is His most important characteristic. It is possible to show that the first premise of arguments like these is fallacious. The Bible teaches the Omnipresence of God Ps. It allows Him not to be just our parent, but friend, confidant, and partner. His unconditional love and his absolute understanding means we should not feel anxious or embarrassed that he knows us so intimately. Nothing you do will make God want to love you less or stop loving you. Although the word Omniscience is not found in the Bible, written revelation clearly teaches the Omniscience of God Ps. This does NOT mean repentance is not important. Divine omnipresence is thus one of the divine attributes, although in Western Christianity it has attracted less philosophical attention than such attributes as omnipotence , omniscience , or being eternal. The almighty God expects human beings to obey Him, and He holds them responsible for their thoughts and actions. Introduction[ edit ] Hinduism , and other religions that derive from it, incorporate the theory of transcendent and immanent omnipresence which is the traditional meaning of the word, Brahman. Basically, to say that God is omnibenevolent is to say that He is perfectly good, totally merciful, and all-loving. For an individual to be good, he or she must follow God's example. A parent's job is to nurture, protect, and discipline, and God does these things. He understands us far better than we understand ourselves. Determinism , Free will , and Argument from free will Whether omniscience, particularly regarding the choices that a human will make, is compatible with free will has been debated by theologians and philosophers. This would be incorrect for several reasons. This is an attribute and doctrine of God that states that God is all knowing. At times, he may be actively present in a situation, while he may not reveal that he is present in another circumstance in some other area. While most Paleolithic cultures followed polytheistic practices [ citation needed ], a form of omnipresent deity arises from a worldview that does not share ideas with mono-local deity cultures. Mercy, as opposed to strict justice, allows us to learn compassion for others, again helping us become closer to God. He is not like an invisible gas that is everywhere present in space.

Omni god definition

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