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However, the use of wireless radios may be restricted in some situations or environments, such as aboard airplanes. Damaging this circuit may cause overheating, fire or bursting. The Messages screen appears. To change the status of your IM neoChat: In the meantime, your neoChat can be powered on and used.


New Email and press Enter. Messages neoChat Keyboard and Screen The following table describes the functions of the keys on the keyboard: However, the use of wireless radios may be restricted in some situations or environments, such as aboard airplanes. Supports Toggling in and out of chats! Leave it in the comments below! To send an Email: The suggestions below will help you to fulfill any warranty obligations and to enjoy this product for many years. Red - continuous light. Green - continuous light. You can manage Phonebook contacts from either your neoChat or neoFone. Like announcements Add a parameter in the config for chats to not show player names Like announcements Add a parameter to the config to enable chats to be toggled for use by someone with permission to toggle them. Your IM Status is displayed in the task bar. To send a copy of the Email to a contact, scroll to the CC field and repeat step 3. The icon shows a total of six bars when fully charged. Add a "You Dont Have Permission" message for chats! The Email Settings Screen of your neoChat appears. Alternatively, if there is no new Email, a popup will appear with the message: Viewing the Contents of a Message In the Messages screen, scroll to highlight the message you want to view, and press Enter. The personnel there will assist you, and if necessary, arrange for service. This process may take up to one minute. Emoticons Use Emoticons in your messages to express feelings. To display the Foreign Characters key pallet: Permissions based on what you have in the config! The name of the person to whom you are sending the SMS appears in the To field. Opens the menu options for a screen.


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  1. An IM Chat screen appears. Lightweight and pocketsize, the dynamic interactive screen and convenient keyboard make it the ideal messaging tool.

  2. Tip The message you are typing appears in the bottom section of the IM Chat screen. In-depth information regarding features, functions and how to use your neoChat are found online at www.

  3. Complete the details in the new fields. Check the neoChat battery icon in the Settings screen.

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