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All the members of the community were making personal progress in their spiritual life, as was I. They say the same things over and over. They have their own unique icons, statutes, and cards that are sold in Neo stores. He personally takes every newly ordained Neo priest to his hometown for their first personal mass to places as far away as Italy, Poland, and South America, something that no other bishop in this world has done. In short, these responsibles and catechists have supplanted the parish priest in their roles as spiritual teacher and counselor for these members and their children. They dance at mass and at funerals. They confess their sins publicly.


The archbishop will sacrifice anything and anyone in Guam for his beloved Neo. At the end of the way members are not freed to return to their parish but are bound to their communities. Because the regular mass we all attend is not worth attending in their eyes. Some of the many unsavoury matters would be: And as for the masses Eucharist on Saturday nights, why hold them separately from the rest of the faithful? This is not hearsay. As part of the covenants I have made I am making members of the Way aware of the reality so that they can repent think again , convert change direction and come back to the Church , and withdraw their mandate to the Way. The rest of us have to struggle along, and yet, they tell us that we can change our status but only if we listen and join the Neo. And does he keep the money for himself? I was addicted to the emotional highs from the weekly eucharist and the belief that I was on a way of personal conversion leading to sainthood with the approval of the Pope and the Church. They have the archbishop to thank for that. They simply respond by saying try it first before you make conclusions, as though one needs to see something before it can be accepted as truth or fact. The Neo collects a substantial sum of money from their members during a scrutiny, amounts that can go over a hundred thousand dollars for just one scrutiny alone. The answer is clear. They proclaim that they are not elitist, cultic, secretive, and arrogant, but when you have the archbishop in your pocket and when they tell us not to fret and whine but to come and listen, what kind of message is being conveyed? It holds separate masses and in private homes or locations. Charles de Foucauld to live in silence at the feet of Christ crucified, and went to live in the shanty town. There are hundreds of pictures verifying this fact. And a leader has to be seen to be impartial and not biased in favor of a select few or group. Yet, with Fathers Santiago, Gallagher, and Wadsen, he, without consultation with his presbyterial council and college of consulters and in violation of canon law, incardinated these Neo priests despite no connection to Guam other than that they are Neo priests. He allows it, and in fact supports it by presiding over masses in the New Jersey monastery for our Guam women. His acts and deeds have irrevocably divided this community. They publicly share their sins and life stories. There are an estimated 20, communities and about one million members excluding children worldwide. In other words, these responsibles and catechists have become their spiritual and secular counselors in all aspects of their lives.


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  1. The Neo priests, especially those from the Yona seminary, have free and unfettered access to him, unlike for the non Neo priests.

  2. He made a decision fatal to his governance I may add by favoring one select group, the Neocatechumenate way. There are more, plenty more examples, but the preceding examples make the point that the archbishop is not the impartial and fair leader that he swore to be when he was ordained, and that is required to be a good and effective bishop.

  3. And the powers-that-be of the Neo know this and do not do anything about it. They have permanently occupied parish rooms or offices, they make use of rooms or spaces without paying anything, they hold meetings there and they hold events there, freely and without restraint.

  4. They delight in compromising churchmen in authority in order to exercise control over them.

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