Names of famous gangsters

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Buchalter was eventually made to pay for all these killings after being convicted on murder charges in However, he was released in , retired from crime, and took up cabinet making. After retiring, he participated in a number of legitimate businesses before dying of a heart attack in Between and , Diamond was shot on three separate occasions. And as it goes with most criminal organization, the Ping On gang was a pretty homogeneous bunch—except for John Willis, a white guy. Considering the fate of most mobsters, Barnes really is untouchable.

Names of famous gangsters

It was his murderous tendencies that got him in the end when Hill testified against Burke for the murder of drug dealer Richard Eaton. But when he returned to Harlem in , he was greeted with a parade. In , he was involved in the kidnapping and ransom of oil tycoon Charles F. This made it easier to get rid of the victim and made it more difficult for authorities to identify the body. Thus, he did things like donate to charities and offer a generous reward for the kidnapped Lindbergh baby. Lending of money at exorbitant interest rates, political killings, bombing, con tricks, illegal gambling, bombings, copyright violation, prostitution, extortion, blackmailing, kidnapping, drug smuggling, arms trafficking, human trafficking — well, the list is endless! That is, until the FBI knocked on his door in What are the names of famous gangsters? Because he was able to cut a deal with Mafioso "Lucky" Luciano when the latter took over number rackets illegal lotteries in Harlem, Johnson was regarded as a hero by many Harlemites. When the police arrived, they found the poker game Rothstein had attended still in progress but Rothstein refused to rat out the person who shot him and died shortly afterwards. Old gangsters and popular gangsters are included on this list. In , Capone suffered a stroke and then caught pneumonia which ultimately led to his death. And as it goes with most criminal organization, the Ping On gang was a pretty homogeneous bunch—except for John Willis, a white guy. Taoka was not a man to be messed with—he was so tough that at the age of 65, he survived a. Carribean gangs come from the West Indies, Cuba, and Haiti, and there are even all-female gangs! Who are the top gangsters in the world? Rather, he went down on tax evasion charges and was sentenced to 11 years in prison, some of which he spent in Alcatraz, where he was diagnosed with syphilis. An associate of John Dillinger, Nelson was named public enemy number one by the F. When authorities arrived, they found Galante dead with a Zippo lighter in his hand and a cigar clenched between his teeth. It is said that in Floyd and his friend attempted to stop one of their robbing buddies from being returned to a penitentiary which unfortunately resulted in the death of their buddy as well as the deaths of two officers, a police chief, and an F. The Butcher was eventually found guilty of six counts of murder and is currently spending time in a penitentiary in Pennsylvania, where he has plenty of time to practice his crane kicks. Wikimedia Commons 4 of 27 Bonnie And Clyde Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow , among the most famous gangsters in American history, traveled the country robbing cars, banks, gas stations, and grocery stores — and killing those who stood in their way. After bumping off a victim, Pitera brought out his special dismembering kit, a bag full of nasty tools such as a serrated hunting knife. From black gangsters to Italian mobsters and gangsters of other races, the most famous mobsters are known for their less than legal lifestyles and nefarious ways. However, in , he was finally shot and killed. No famous mobster names list would be complete without the likes of Reginald Kray, Al Capone, and others. A month after the incident, Bowerman and his accomplices attempted to rob the Southwest Bank in Missouri.

Names of famous gangsters

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