Movies about law school

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Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter. If you can name a better example of a explosive trial confession, please, the floor is yours. Some were dramatic, some were funny, but all were thought-provoking and stirred the emotions of audiences through their exploration of the nature of American justice. Photo courtesy of Fanpop. Although it was nominated for four Oscars, critics said that the film took too many liberties with the facts. Law school finals are all-consuming! Photo courtesy of MovieWeb.

Movies about law school

John Travolta plays a lawyer in A Civil Action. Photo courtesy of The Daily Mail. In the film, Brockovich is a single mother who gets a job at a law firm. But did you know the story was also adapted into an Oscar-winning film starring Gregory Peck? Let us know in the comments below. This led to a hearing in front of Congress, which changed the ethics of television forever and gave us the compelling drama, Quiz Show. The version won three Oscars and inspired a remake. This film explores a military murder trial where the accused are two U. What emotions come into play? This smouldering courtroom drama probably directly spawned about a hundred subsequent lawyer shows and movies. In particular, the film focuses on four judges who allegedly became Nazi accomplices by using their courts to turn a blind eye to Nazi atrocities. In the film, Foster plays a party girl who was gang-raped in public. To Kill a Mockingbird Another American classic set in the deep south in the s. You also get your daily dose of humor and entertainment!! In some ways, I think that makes it more fun for a law student. The film was inspired by the true story of Geoffrey Bowers, who filed a similar lawsuit. The Verdict After a woman dies during surgery, a medical malpractice lawsuit is filed in the movie, The Verdict. My Cousin Vinny Everyone loves the story of an underdog; and fast-talking, inexperienced lawyer Vinny, played by Joe Pesci, was the ultimate underdog in My Cousin Vinny. Photo courtesy of Pinterest. Based on a literary classic of the same name, this movie provides a frightening look into criminal investigations and what happens when the relationship between co-conspirators unravels under police pressure. On to the actual lawyer movies! Like the book, lawyer Atticus Fitch is tasked to defend his African-American neighbor Boo Radley, who was falsely accused of rape. Jack Nicholson is great, as always. Her findings helped win a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit, one of the biggest in history. The Paper Chase on Amazon Rounders Actually my favorite of the movies about law students, this movie features Matt Damon as a poker shark turned law student, forced to crawl back into the New York City poker underworld to save a dead-beat friend.

Movies about law school

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  1. The main reason to watch this though is the chemistry between Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei.

  2. The script was an adaption of a novel that was based on true events and written by a Michigan judge. Losing Isaiah Jessica Lange plays a white woman who adopted a black child named Isaiah, and she battles his birth mother, played by Halle Berry, over custody.

  3. In the film, Brockovich is a single mother who gets a job at a law firm. Photo courtesy of The Daily Mail.

  4. The brash Brooklyn lawyer headed to a small town in Alabama to defend his nephew from a trumped up murder charge.

  5. In some ways, I think that makes it more fun for a law student. The film won two Oscars and starred Marlene Dietrich, who experienced the Nazi regime first-hand.

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