Most romantic christmas movies

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The Star was released in theaters nationwide on Nov. James Stewart plays George Bailey, a businessman who hits rock bottom during the most wonderful time of the year. Jingle All the Way is available to rent or buy on Amazon. A Christmas Story is available to rent or buy on Amazon. Christmas In The Smokies This classic Christmas movie is set in the beautiful smoky mountains giving this the movie the perfect backdrop. Feel free to follow kortnischristmastakes for more holiday tweets, movie reviews and holiday mishaps! A Charlie Brown Christmas Everett Charlie Brown is depressed about the state of Christmas — and learns about the true spirit of the holiday with the help of friends like Linus and Lucy.

Most romantic christmas movies

Bill Murray's Christmas special hits a lot of the right notes. A Christmas Kiss An interior designer has a romantic run-in with a taken man, only to find out that he's dating her boss, and also he's rich! If you can make it past the drama overload and the less-than-fantastic dramatic, the ending is worth the wait. His efforts to bring Christmas cheer to his home sows confusion and has some disastrous consequences. Bad Santa A grifter and his partner in crime pretend to be Santa Claus and an elf in an effort to rob department stores on Christmas Eve. Meanwhile, the story of the boy catches the attention of a neighbor, and turns her life and the life of her family around. A Christmas Prince An editor who has somehow never written an article fun fact: How the Grinch Stole Christmas! I usually struggle to rally around a romantic lead who spends the entire film lying to people Sandra Bullock pretends to be the fiancee of a man in a coma , but this film gets an understandable pass. Frozen is available to rent or buy on Amazon. Love Actually is available to rent or buy on Amazon and iTunes. I dream of "White Christmas" every year. The Legend of Frosty the Snowman is available to stream on Netflix. The Christmas Candle A 19th-century village gets a visit from a Christmas angel, but the local reverend wants the villagers to focus on God instead. The Shop Around the Corner Two gift shop employees who hate each other become anonymous pen pals as Christmas nears. Star Wars at The film has gut-busting scenes centered on Christmas and New Year's parties, including the iconic visual gag of Dan Aykroyd trying to eat an entire salmon pulled out of a dirty Santa suit. I personally loved the main actress as well as the guy she ends up with in the end. What's going on, Jake Lacy? My own Christmas tree could have walked itself out of the Disney store. Usually the bread and butter of Hallmark, Netflix is trying to get into the mix with the below originals as well as some from other networks that Netflix is currently streaming. Also Santa Claus is real in this movie. Join us in celebrating the many ways the Force-filled sci-fi saga has impacted our lives. If you feel like arguing that point, I'll direct you to Disney, which sees fit to run its "Nightmare"-themed Haunted Mansion through both holidays. Luckily, an angel from heaven appears at a key moment to show George what life would be like without him. This movie is at the top of the list for many reasons.

Most romantic christmas movies

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  1. Susan Boyle is in this movie and sings an original song! Cue every royal-romance trope you can possibly think of and a few shameless shot-for-shot ripoffs of The Princess Diaries 2:

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