Make your ex jealous

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If you find yourself asking, "Does my ex want me back? Are you pondering, "Does she want me back? You are officially on a solo-track to happiness, without them. However, there are always a few other feelings involved, like past mistake and regrets. Source Individuals handle breakups differently. They will feel all the things. Try not to get too catty, but be confident.

Make your ex jealous

Spending time with other people does not mean that you need to jump into another relationship immediately. Cut off communication No-thing makes a romantic interest want to talk to you more than cutting them off. Another method is to spend some time with somebody whom your ex knows but not really close with—an acquaintance, for example. It will kill him. Upon knowing this, your ex will be happy for you while at the same time, jealous because he or she is not at your side to share your triumphs with you. There are a ton of simple things that you can do to really intensify the jealousy plotline with some direct jealousy at this stage. Not for your ex, but totally for you. You can bet that your ex will be paying close attention and feeling progressively more jealous as she sees you meeting new people and doing all sorts of fun, exciting things without her. Play hard Text him to meet up with him. A Word of Caution What you have to remember is that sometimes after a breakup, your ex might be showing interest just to play games. Hell, treat yourself to a staycation or book an AirBnB in a cute small town. Isn't this what you want to happen? Keep Your Distance The first step is to cut communication. Selfie that shit up. If your ex asks for it, just be polite but do not commit. Do not allow your emotions to get in the way. You've probably heard of the word 'petty'. You don't have to post about it. Even if dates turn into friendships, you're still hanging out with people who aren't your ex. The energy you're giving off and the direction your life is headed in will be more than enough for your ex to take notice and think twice about you. It should be small but with sentimental value—but not the kind that brings back romantic memories. But for it to really be effective, it needs to be a subtle process. Laughter Is the Best Medicine Moreover, every time you see your ex nearby, laugh considerably. No, you should not answer that creepy 2am I miss you babe text. You have to be very sure about your ex's intentions because she may be passing the time with you while she is waiting for another guy to come her way.

Make your ex jealous

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  1. Maybe it's just me, but whenever somebody goes ghost for a while, obviously I start thinking AND checking up on them. You've probably heard of the word 'petty'.

  2. It should be small but with sentimental value—but not the kind that brings back romantic memories.

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