Love phat asses smoke weed

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Vaporizer is cool because you don't actually smoke the weed. It is not a sin, for instance, to pretend that Oz. Don't half ass do it like some moron that I know. Hashtag gets major points in my book for trying to limit their carbon footprint. Near him, a sweet Sasquatch fingers a fat joint.

Love phat asses smoke weed

Before pot was legalized, Herbs House was medicinal-only. It's a lot like a menu in a roadside restaurant that's got every dish you could want. We also have my personal favorite, a small dry glass bowl. And if you're willing to walk another block, you can enjoy the wonder that is IHOP's all-you-can-eat pancakes. Uncle Ike's on 23rd sells almost twice as much product every month as its closest competitor in Seattle. A small glass bowl can be taken on the go, doesn't require a lot of weed to smoke out of, and you get a good clean hit everytime. So, in addition to being a great neighborhood pot shop, they're a small part of the reason that our city council is so cannabis-friendly. Budtenders were attentive and eager to answer questions about products or even frustrating state-mandated packaging laws. Vaporizer is cool because you don't actually smoke the weed. Use some cotton swabs to wipe out any resin that wouldn't come off in the rinse. The budtender looked like he might be a skater. You're sure to enjoy, as their website promises, "an elegant, welcoming environment to purchase the finest quality cannabis products. The Partakery also offers up your standard variety of flower, glass pieces, and vape pens, too. The shop's menu, like so many other stores, is massive. Suprisingly, going against the sporty vibe, Greenworks offers something I'd never seen before: Before visiting Greenworks, I had only ever seen bags of shake in definitely-not-legal gallon-sized Ziploc containers. A joint is small, easy to hide, easy to get rid of quickly, and of course, gets you high, as all these methods do. Ponder goes for the more premium niche. To wit, they're right across the street from Piece of Mind, which has two stoner must-haves: All of our employees are medical marijuana employees from our past business, so we still have that empathy and knowledge and understanding that people are looking for. Currently up are stenciled images on canvas of pop-culture pot lovers like Bill Murray, looking cool, by Court Hoffman. We have a lot of people coming back to cannabis—retirees, people who couldn't smoke because of work," says Andy Johnson, who co-owns the shop. This rec store immediately reminded me of a clean Las Vegas casino, with its blindingly bright lights lining squeaky-clean glass displays and TV menus mounted into the wall. Well, as erstwhile general manager Lauren Downes put it to me this spring, they simply pay more at wholesale. If you were looking to, say, smoke an ultra-heady sativa and go out for some of Renee Erickson's thought-provoking food, Stash is a mere three blocks from the Walrus and the Carpenter.

Love phat asses smoke weed

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