Louis xiv mistresses

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This greatly upset Anne of Austria who had set her eyes on marrying her son to her niece, the Infanta of Spain. Rather than being publicly abandoned she chose to retire to a convent. This is primarily due to the sombre influence of Madame de Maintenon who had allied herself with the church in order to get the king on a more virtuous path. The queen mother promptly dispatched her son to Vincennes and that was the end of that. Horrified, they removed her from court and quickly married her off to Michel Sublet, Marquis d'Heudicourt. However, the plot backfired when Louis became genuinely attached to her. However, their hopes came to nothing since Madame de Maintenon's grip on the king was tightening. She was caught up in the Affair of the Poisons where she was alleged to have even threatened the king that if he did not take her back "he would be sorry".

Louis xiv mistresses

If such a marriage took place it was morganatic since she was so far beneath him in rank - consequently, she would never be acknowledged as queen nor his wife. Surprisingly enough, Madame de Montespan encouraged this since she knew that she was less likely to lose the king if he stayed within her household. As a reward for having deflowered the king she received an estate and a pension Olympe Mancini, Comtesse de Soissons Years: He worked here, held meetings with his ministers, and enjoyed moments of tranquillity in the company of his secret wife. However, just six months after the marriage she gave birth to a son. Towards the end of his life, Louis became a lot less interested in having what we would term as one-night stands. Madame de Saint-Martin Year: Their affair ended in and she married the Comte de Soissons. Horrified, they removed her from court and quickly married her off to Michel Sublet, Marquis d'Heudicourt. The king had wanted to keep their relations a bit more discreet and was so angered by her behaviour that he cast her off completely. The affair quickly ended after that. Included are approximate years of relationship, children from the relationship or little notes or anecdotes about the relationship. However, it should be noted that one-night stands might have slipped the otherwise ever-cautious courtiers by, so some may be excluded. She was seventeen when she was wooed by the king - in his forties - and did not make a lasting impression. However, this time it was both Mesdames de Montespan and de Maintenon who intervened - the former from jealousy, the latter from hypocrisy. Her body was exhumed by revolutionaries in Upon his death in , Scarron left his wife with nothing more than his name and a mountain of debt. Bonne de Pons, Marquise d'Heudicourt Year: Historians widely believe that Louis XIV eventually married her as she provided a stable and solemn companion for his later years. Throughout their relationship Louise was plagued by her conscious since she considered their affair to be deeply in odds with her devout beliefs. Some time after their first encounter she gave birth to her first son, Hercule. Understandably, the would-be mistress fled in terror to the glee of the courtiers. Their relationship continued on and off for a few years until it finally ended at roughly the same time as Madame de Montespan's reign. Although she was found guilty in the eyes of the public - and the court - the king does not seem to have believed that she tried to use dark magic to ensure his continued attention. Mme de Maintenon bore much of the blame for this new state of affairs, which many courtiers resented. To dampen the scandal he married her off to the Duc de Roquelaure and offered the bridegroom a pension in addition. Quite frankly it is more likely that the king had a one-time affair with her since not much is known about Madame de Saint-Martin other than that she was the wife of a minor official in the queen's household.

Louis xiv mistresses

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  1. Their relationship continued on and off for a few years until it finally ended at roughly the same time as Madame de Montespan's reign.

  2. While Louis was away at war with Spain she boasted to everyone that she had replaced La Montespan and that she had full control of the king. Born in in the prison at Niort, where her father was imprisoned for debt, she was orphaned in and in married the poet Paul Scarron, who was renowned as a master of the burlesque.

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