Lewis howes podcast

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I would do whatever it took to execute on all the business ideas swirling around in my head — even if some of them flopped or required me to step way outside of my comfort zone. One of the most important parts about booking big guests is keeping up with what they are working on. I have a highlight reel I can send to publicists showing several big name guests with me on the show and that says a lot right there. What was the impact like on your career? How should an author or any creative think about building an audience from scratch? They are half as likely to visit a doctor.

Lewis howes podcast

Lewis points out that President Obama, easily one of the busiest people in the world, makes sure to take the time every day to work out. Integrate a few hobbies into your routine that force you to be active while having fun: Enjoy our interview—essentially a case study in building a platform and growing a product—below! My recommendation to anyone just starting out is to find a niche area and get good at adding value to others. Also, it means taking care of my health. My biggest motivation for starting the show was that I wanted to learn from people way smarter and more successful than me. What were those early days like, and how did you build up your platform of fans to eventually launch the podcast and books to? You have great ideas. One of the most important parts about booking big guests is keeping up with what they are working on. And 40 years of a game plan of taking action, of sacrificing, and following through. My new book, The Mask of Masculinity , is completely based on my own struggle to live as an emotionally free and authentic man while still feeling like I have worth as a man in society. It really grew from people listening and sharing. Within the narrative, Howes offers practical exercises and guidelines for pursuing and attaining the building blocks to achieving greatness. Did you envision where it would be all these years later? I promoted every episode on all my social media accounts — Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I was a terrible student and I hated school. Constantly networking, taking meetings, and being open to meeting new people is really important as well for this. Hate the idea of going to the gym every day? What were the key levers of growth that had the biggest impact? I just kept investing in the show and it kept growing and it has since become the backbone of my business and brand. Howes figured out that the masters of greatness are not successful because they got lucky or are innately more talented, but because they applied specific habits and tools to embrace and overcome adversity in their lives. I was finally opening up and letting myself be supported and heal. Are you surrounding yourself with people who are generally supportive and aligned with your goals, or are you suffocating your chance at greatness by pulling around the dead weight of an unproductive team? In the early days I had so many ideas for things I wanted to do — I wanted to sell courses and start a podcast and work with affiliates and do webinars and speak on stage and host events…and the list goes on and on. Without an outlet or vocabulary to discuss what is going on inside their heads and hearts, these are the statistics of American men today: What really helped me grow and scale was taking action on those ideas. Being on that show has helped bring in an entirely new demographic of listeners to the podcast.

Lewis howes podcast

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  1. They learn how to embrace the breakdown for breakthrough. They go to the gym at a certain time.

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