Koinonia john the baptist

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The Committee has clearly defined roles and the Diocese of Down and Connor offers valuable support through training and the development of best practice guidelines in carrying out their vital role in the protection of children and young people. Parish Groups Altar Servers Any child, girl or boy, who is in primary five or above, is eligible to become altar servers. This is what cost John his life and his life is a martyria, a witness, to the Word in and out of season. A cluster of seven families live in the Greystown area of the Parish. The club aims to promote independence skills and facilitate the particular interests of members.

Koinonia john the baptist

All the Leaders involved are vetted and monitored on an ongoing basis by qualified and approved professionals using the Safeguarding Regulations for the protection of our children. Parents or guardians are required to fill out a consent form. We are more than happy to meet and walk with you on your journey with Jesus and your family in the Body of Christ. Parishioners, especially those new to St. The Parish Office Bereavement Support Group The aim of the Group is to care for our bereaved Parishioners through caring for and listening to them and remembering their loved one. Over one hundred committed volunteers attend on a weekly basis for a specified one hour for personal meditation and prayer. Like the Psalms say: New servers welcome Contact: But above all we hope that you meet Jesus. These moments of meeting are very important. This scheme is easy to operate and can be done at no cost or inconvenience to Parishioners. Christ Himself said that there had arisen none greater than John the Baptist. Augustine preached so that His people will be spared and I would add, as John and the Lord calls us: We hope to see you at some of the events you see advertised here and in your locality. Eucharistic Adoration takes place in our Church after Today, the members share in the missionary apostolate of the Church through prayer, by knitting, sewing, baking etc. These include the three characteristics of spirituality living prayer , community and mission. Thus there is a shared responsibility between Priests and the laity. Christian Life Community is an international community that does not have a rule book, but a set of general principles which are both flexible and inspiring. He empowers us with His Spirit and has drawn us all together into Christian community. We are a praying community and prayers and intercession are offered each day. Team members assist parents in completing the documentation for the child; in particular the name slips which the Priest will use during the ceremony. The group is open to all Parishioners who would like to help to clean our place of worship. There is, of necessity, a high ratio of helpers to members, so new volunteers are always welcome. The open their home and welcome guest to come, pray, have a 'cuppa' and enjoy the craic that happens when we gather together. The committee of ten is chaired by a lay Parishioner with the Parish Priest in attendance. This is what cost John his life and his life is a martyria, a witness, to the Word in and out of season.

Koinonia john the baptist

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