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Out of the experience of these pilot projects, we developed a guideline for the gender-sensitive design of parks and playgrounds, which has become part of the official guidelines. Since it was such an extraordinary topic at that time, there was a good resonance in the media. I also fostered a study about the different use and attendance in parks and playgrounds by girls and boys. Anyway, I've been using these every night for a few weeks, and they are absolutely worth every penny. I have to spend a minute untangling before using, but I had to do that with my cheap earbuds as well, so that doesn't bother me. What about the strategy?


And we carried out a pilot project about security in public space. At that time, I was already working at the Technical Direction as the first female expert. What about the strategy? Anyway, I've been using these every night for a few weeks, and they are absolutely worth every penny. All-in-all, I would definitely recommend these. After years of work in gender oriented projects and in gender sensitive criteria for the city of Vienna, urban planner Eva Kail discusses her background and work which has contributed in Vienna to be one of the leading Cities in regard to gender sensitive planning. Looking back, I think an important factor of our success was the chosen strategy to undertake, first pilot projects which allowed politicians to have an easier understanding of the aims of a gender sensitive approach; after that, having good resonance in the media which was also important for them. Since , I am part of the judgment of the developer competitions; another co-worker is part of the pre-qualification for small projects. The only con I can think of besides price is that they tangle easily. I was invited to head the urban planning workshop. How do we assess the results? Have you had any success in transforming the city of Vienna? I caved and got them a few weeks ago. At that time, this was something new. After the period of being the head of the women department, I could engage myself in a small unit specialized on gender issues in planning. I have anxiety and having low, relaxing music helps me sleep. Why do you think mainstreaming a gender perspective into all policies and programmes -what is usually called a gender approach- is also so important in architecture and planning? At a pragmatic level, it improves quality of life, since you identify new themes. I researched the best earbuds for sleeping, and came across Bedphones. In fact, he reported that my old, cheap earbuds bothered him more because they would fall out of my ears while sleeping and the music playing directly out into the air would wake him up. This was the beginning of everything. Gender mainstreaming -or promoting Equality between women and men at all levels- has a political approach to Justice, and it contributes to Social Justice. Not because we couldn't afford it, but just because of the principle of spending so much on a little pair of earbuds made me wary. I do keep the volume fairly low, but my husband says that he cannot hear my music and they do not bother them. I balked at the price, and hesitated buying them for a few weeks. Being part of the decision process for important financial means gave us influence.


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