I am the abuser in a relationship

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Sometimes there is emotional abuse from one side, the other person eventually becomes physical and then the whole dynamic significantly changes. Abuse is NEVER healthy or acceptable regardless of the messages you may have been taught or witnessed in the past. You deserve to have a safe space to heal and to move forward from this. The good thing is that you recognize that 1 this abuse is a problem and 2 you want to stop it. This understanding is fundamental to breaking abuse patterns.

I am the abuser in a relationship

It is not enough to simply know that abuse is taking place, however. Keep your partner in the loop of your discoveries. Advertisement Why am I getting violent? Besides this, there can be other reasons for domestic violence. This understanding is fundamental to breaking abuse patterns. Because we believe it. You must work on your self-love before turning to your partner for love. Advertisement Your partner frustrates you sometimes. You can learn to have healthy, happier and non-abusive relationships, but you must first seek out and stick with professional help, and you must get sober before you have a realistic chance of changing. July 30, at I keep telling myself it is not my fault. It was always my fault. I started to be like her, but many times I would just take the abuse and just suck it up. I am actively working on revamping and changing my life with the help of your blog. I really enjoy this page. It escalated to her attacking me, biting me, tearing my shirt, she put her hand in my mouth, I bit it, I was tired of her doing this, she came at me again, I pushed her off of me, she then stumbled left and hit her cheek on the bedside table, it started to bleed. A million thank yous!!!! August 11, at 6: Get sober through the help of rehabilitation programs, twelve step programs, counseling or similar resources. August 15, at 3: Get some quiet space with yourself. I go to church, al-anon, talk to friends, anything. Sometimes there is no physical violence whatsoever, and still a ton of abuse. He apologizes and vows never to do this again. It can be confusing, because relationships are complicated, and we definitely encourage you to get in touch with us if you have any questions or want to talk further!

I am the abuser in a relationship

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  1. I know we were mutually abusive to each other, but I found solitude or escape from it many times. I got an attornery and filed a domestic violence order on her.

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