Hug etiquette

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This type of hug typically occurs between children and adults, or lovers and can occur while sitting, standing or lying down. Women also typically desire more hugs, as well as other forms of affection, than men. Everyone needs physical contact to survive, and hugging is an act of giving and receiving the support and love people need. We certainly hug a lot. The key to navigating hugs at work, according to Mark Bowden, a Toronto-based expert in body language and human behaviour, comes down to being clued into the company's culture, or "tribe. While Carter started talking to his audience Biden called Carter's wife, Stephanie, over, put his hands on her shoulders, leaned over and whispered something in her ear.

Hug etiquette

Thanks for signing up for our newsletter! So unless you are very astute in determining the values of your "tribe," be cautious with your business hugs. Thank you for your question, Dr. A-Frame Hug — This is where the two people sharing the embrace stand about a foot apart from each other and bend at the waist. This type of hug is usually performed by parents and close friends and is often used to console another person. That proximity may be friendly to some, but come across as overly controlling to others. This type of hug typically occurs between children and adults, or lovers and can occur while sitting, standing or lying down. Cheek-to-Cheek Hug - This hug does not require the use of arms. This same theory does not apply to male huggers. Hugging Between Men and Women Hugging between men and women can signify attraction or friendship, depending on the duration and type of hug. Other exceptions are when meeting and greeting much older women who might not understand the evolution in etiquette, and with Muslim women who often consider it improper for a man to touch a woman at all. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 34, Miller, M. The science of interpersonal touch: This type of hug usually lasts about one second. Types of Hugs There are many different types of hugs that can be used in a plethora of situations. Before you go in for the big hug, consider the following seven tips. Longer hugs have a certain connotation and could have negative repercussions if a co-worker's spouse or significant other is present. Only the shoulders come into contact as the two people embrace. Unless you know someone extremely well, it's best to ask, "May I give you a hug? Always respect another person's space. One exception is when interacting with Europeans, where a man, even in a business situation, does not extend his hand first. Decide who might like to hug, but would find your hug to be offensive. This way you won't have to guess if the new people are pro-huggers or anti-huggers, and you will show consideration for their boundaries. Bear Hug — A bear hug is a strong, full-body hug. The hand hug is also the most appropriate form of affection in the workplace, used to congratulate or greet someone.

Hug etiquette

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  3. If you observe many hugs, then you can decide if that's right for you. As they move in toward you, turn your body to the side, extend your hand for a shake or stiffen up a bit and try to avoid contact.

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