How to get a libra man to like you

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Be free to express your opinion in everything. Being sensual on the other hand, is being able to use your feminine attractiveness in a very physical but not so physical way. Instead of aggressively and overtly pursuing a Libra, you should rely on your feminine wiles to send the message that your intention is to seduce him. Let him talk about himself, because Libra man has this narcissistic side on him. Play With His Mind Libra is probably not insecure because they know that they got stuck in this process. You already gave him what he wants and Lira men often equate easy intercourse with easy exits.

How to get a libra man to like you

Let him know on a regular basis how good he is; in fact, tell him he is the best! Let him talk about himself, because Libra man has this narcissistic side on him. The secret to seducing a Libra man at least from a superficial perspective is actually quite simple: Be brave to look him in the when you talk to him and raise your head a little bit. If you want to seduce a Libra guy, keep things light and formal. Show him and send signals that you love him before everyone else does. It is inconsequential to them if it's expensive or not, as just getting a gift is important. These men are conversationalists. Be appreciative of his characteristic of learning something new. Take him on dates to the newest clubs in town or introduce him to a new way of having fun. Play Push and Pull No man hates challenge, especially when it comes to woman. The first thing you need to do to win a man born under this sign is to understand the sign itself. If you show compassion, if you show vulnerability and show some form of deep personal weakness that they can identify with or relate to, they can let you into their hearts. This means, of course, to have the right hair, clean skin, be trimmed and slim and wear clothes that compliment your personality. This definitely helps seduction, but you cannot overdo it. Libra guys, at least at the very beginning are very afraid of commitment. Looking good often means bringing out the very best of your personality and highlighting it. Do not be too aggressive when you pursue him, as he might get scared away. Libra man is someone who likes to socialize, and will be very happy to see you socialize well too. The sensation of being in your presence should overwhelm your Libra man, leaving him wondering why you seem different from the other women he encounters in his daily life. Make some jokes and make the situation fun. Be free to express your opinion in everything. With that said, if you want to attract a Libra man and seduce him to do what you want him to do, you have to first get over to the number one barrier most Libras face. The fastest way to pique a man's interest and love is to maintain your mystery while seducing him with your smile and eyes. As hard as it is for the Libra guy to commit, if you speak to him through your heart, you make the commitment process much easier.

How to get a libra man to like you

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