Hot dog catfish bait recipe

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My guess is that there is something in the smell of this flavoring that attracts catfish underwater. This increases the chances of hooking a fish, but makes baiting the hook more difficult since there are three points to hide instead of just one. It is a simple quick and easy type of bait to make and is not too messy or stinky to use. That is, the depth of the water changes in a short distance from shallow to deep. The easiest to make is to fill a tin can with concrete and have a metal loop sticking out the top to tie one end of the rope onto. It will NOT work in sandy soil like we have in Florida. In fresh water, the chunks are put on hooks. Watch your graph for bait fish and predator fish.

Hot dog catfish bait recipe

Mix it all together to a consistency like peanut butter. Stir until all the soap is melted. The hardest part about cat-fishing is baiting the hooks. Use a second line to retrieve your jug after the rig is set in place. Set several jugs out in each area and vary your depth and your baits as well as hook placement. If you are running across a channel where a motor boat may pass, put one or more weights in the middle to keep your line away from the propellers of the boats. Each state is different so check with the Fish and Game people before you get fined without benefit of fish in the cooler. I don't particularly like to do that since once the fish dies it starts to spoil rapidly. Shrimp Shrimp or prawns as they are called in the fish markets are a perfect substitute for crawdads. Mostly, these were poachers who would shoot you and use you for chum if you told the law about where their trot line was located. Liver is always a good choice, as is spoiled meat. So, I would always have a piece of material around to tie on to another branch of the tree. Mix the water and sugar in a small pot and dissolve it. It is a good idea to vary your hook depths within the water column during the summer to assure that you're covering different depths to catch the suspending fish. River and Creek Channels - In submerged river and creek channels follow the edges and drop-offs of the channel ledge. It takes a long time for the spooked fish to return to the site of the splash. Remember to bring enough bait for all 25 hooks. My guess is that there is something in the smell of this flavoring that attracts catfish underwater. I have used almost every size, style and shape of hook made, and found that if the fish are hungry, they will bite on anything, regardless of the hook used. Using a boat is the best way to put the line out, but any flotation device can be used. This is a home made concoction using kitchen food items as well as some unusual ingredients to make the dough attractive to both catfish and carp. Many fishermen will deliberately set out areas near their property with large man-made places for fish to hide. Alligators feed wherever there is food. This was placed higher up in the tree so I could see it at a distance and putt-putt up to it. Blood worms, bugs, rotten liver, almost anything that stinks will attract catfish. Fishing line with hooks attached.

Hot dog catfish bait recipe

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  1. They can be especially productive for pan sized catfish when fishing at night in the summertime.

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