Ftm therapist letter

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The short answer is that currently, here in , it definitely depends. The reason that, socially, there are so many ways that this is going is because everybody is able to make their own laws. Spread the word- share this post Related posts: The other thing you can do is ask the therapist if they have an intern who could see you, meaning that the intern could see you at a lower cost. Should I ditch this guy and find a new therapist to write the letter? Refuses to give me a time estimate. Just want to let everyone know that my new website is finally up! I'm in LA and I don't need a letter to start T if I go to a different endo, but I want to stay with this doctor I already know and trust.

Ftm therapist letter

Transcript Welcome to Ask a Gender Therapist! Globally there are different laws in all the different countries. Since you believe in informed consent. Because this is also a way for physicians to make sure you are informed and you know what you are getting into. You can narrow your search by filtering for only people who work with the key word transgender. My blog posts generally come from my own knowledge and experience with the process through research, my training and professional organizations and my work with my clients. Even if you are in a rural area, they should be able to point you in the right direction. My hold up is Also, remind that therapist that in the Standards of Care, there is no recommended minimum number of sessions that you have to go in for. There are a couple of standards that can be followed. For top surgery you need one letter while for genital surgery you need two letters. But I need an assessment therapist for hrt letter. That is where you can find information specifically about your particular state. If you are in my state, I welcome you to contact me. He won't tell me how many more times he needs to see me, what he wants to hear, etc. Unfortunately, it can be a little bit of a mess currently, and at some point, hopefully everything will be streamlined. Make sure that therapist knows there is a difference between you going in to get psychotherapy and going in to get an assessment for Gender Dysphoria. It's weird because before when I was questioning my gender, he was very supportive and even said things like "I see you as male. So you have to find out what is going on in the state and even the city in which you live. He wants me to read some documents about T side effects, and it's just like But in the meantime, what I suggest you do is go to the Lambda Legal site. Informed consent speaks to the fact that this is your own body and your own choice. However, sometimes in some states, it can be a process to find a doctor for informed consent. How many sessions do I need to attend to receive my HRT letter? Making transgender ppl wait is good and all but not everyone should be lumped into same category.

Ftm therapist letter

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  1. What Questions will I be Asked? You can narrow your search by filtering for only people who work with the key word transgender.

  2. Your therapist will probably ask you some general demographic questions such as your birth gender and name and your gender you are transitioning to. So if you find a physician who does require an HRT letter, there are still a few things you can keep in mind so it will be less of an expense to you when you go to see that gender therapist.

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