Forced belly stuffing

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He'd found the safe hidden behind a couple of empty, decorative boxes. Ramon knelt down before the other and lightly kissed the centre of that little bump. The flaps on his jeans had been completely folded back and his shirt pushed up revealing the full pink belly. You can open the door to let me out. The plate of cinnamon rolls were gone after a while.

Forced belly stuffing

Ramon gave it a good sound smack with his fist. His judgment was foggy with lust and the excellent feelings Ramon was giving him only made things more confusing. Alex's stomach groaned in protest of all the dough and sugar. Taking in a deep breath, he relished the scent of sweets. Which, as he tried the knob, found was locked. He felt his pants pinching the plump skin. I've never done anything like that. He would merely grit his teeth and try to pretend he was somewhere else. We're not done here," Ramon snarled, catching both of Alex's wrists in one hand. He heard the faint jingle of the other's buckle and the click of his zipper. Complete, he got up off his friend and stood back to watch Alex squirm on the floor; limbs securely contained. He was about to retaliate when he saw the murderous glare in Ramon's eyes. The plate of cinnamon rolls were gone after a while. I like girls, got it? The old used Ford was still waiting for them in the back alley. No, of course not, he was quite clearly a guy, as the mess on his hand had recently attested to. All his arrogance was crushed at the sight of the cake. Ramon rummaged around in the vents for a bit, getting his bearings. Checks and credit card receipts were on top. Both his hands were on his belly, trying to hide it, but looked more like he was holding it. The pink color on his stomach was reflected in his cheeks now as well. The car pulled into the drive of a large house. Nervously he chewed and swallowed the remainder of the tarts. Your review has been posted. His legs spread in order to hold his swollen belly. Despite the chill of the freezer, he did feel a little warm But tonight was different.

Forced belly stuffing

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  1. He kicked out the vent for the storage room and descended. Ramon grinned and rubbed his finger up and down upon that jutting navel.

  2. Didn't they agree not long ago that they would go their separate ways and never see each other again?

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