Emily post funeral thank you note etiquette

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People who deserve a thank you note after a funeral include pallbearers, friends who send flowers and gifts, anyone who contributes money to a charity in memory of the deceased and the funeral service officiant. The grieving family is most likely lacking sleep and under a lot of stress. This may include neighbors who brought meals over or hospice nurses who went above and beyond to keep your loved one comfortable. Expert etiquette website, EmilyPost. A loose guideline is to send a thank-you note within two months after a funeral - but there really is no set time limit for sending your notes. Who Should Get a Thank You?

Emily post funeral thank you note etiquette

This way, the family does not have to worry about cooking. Cremains If the deceased was cremated, it is best to honor that person's wishes in terms of where the cremains will rest. These gestures can be met with unnecessary sadness or grief and may not be as welcome as you expect. Perhaps they are having to deal with legal issues, social security problems, and other aspects that come with a death. If the deceased enjoyed the local art museum, the obituary might read In lieu of flowers, please make donations to the museum. You can offer to bring a dish for this occasion. Stick to an immediate card and your message will be received as you hoped. Jacqueline suggests calling the funeral home for any details about the services instead of imposing on the family of the deceased. The grieving family is most likely lacking sleep and under a lot of stress. Even those who don't make a special notation will not likely expect to receive a thank you note after sending a sympathy card. It is acceptable for a relative or friend to assist with the notes if the recipient is unable due to grief or other end-of-life duties of the survivors. Sometimes the viewing is for immediate family only. Visiting "Some families accept visitors right away while others would like some time to pass. For instance, the thank-you note might read: Often, immediately after the funeral, friends and family are invited to a home for refreshments or a meal. Once such situation would be the death of a prominent person, following which, a great number of cards, gifts, and donations were received. The answer is no, although you may if you wish. You may write your note on either a pre-printed thank-you card or your own stationery. Be honest and upfront about your needs, in turn your wishes will be respected. A loose guideline is to send a thank-you note within two months after a funeral - but there really is no set time limit for sending your notes. Some people choose to designate a memorial fund in lieu of flowers at the service. Be sure your point person is prepared to accept or gracefully decline these donations as you wish. Appropriate Time Frame According to Emily Post's Bereavement Questions and Answers , unlike with other thank you cards, there is not a specific recommended time frame for sending thank you notes for sympathy cards. A sympathy message should express what you truly feel. If a considerable amount of time passes, such as two or three months, acknowledge the time lapse in the note.

Emily post funeral thank you note etiquette

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  1. Some choose a favorite charity where monetary gifts can be made. Sending funeral thank-you notes after the service Is it necessary to write a thank-you note to each person who attends the funeral or memorial service?

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