Dumb maryland laws

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Silly Maryland Laws That's enough of the facts, but what about laws that you may need to watch out for? If you're tired of reading interesting facts about Maryland and are ready to start exploring, the end of the road has finally arrived. Tidal Talk There is nearly 5, miles of tidal shoreline located in Maryland. Watching this attack was lawyer Francis Scott Key, who went on to write the national anthem we all sing with our hands over our hearts today. Old Line State State Bird: Joint Tenancy In lieu of setting up a trust, some people name their children as joint tenants on their properties.

Dumb maryland laws

White Oak Rent a Room Making out can be a lot of things, but there isn't much passion involved in this state. This was the first state to use the Workmen's compensation law. The appeal is that children should be able to assume full ownership when parents pass on, while keeping the property out of probate. Awkward Aging If you're traveling with the elderly make sure not to go into Maryland near their birthday. You can give more, but you start to use up your gift tax exemption and must file a gift tax return. This city was the first to be formed on purpose and with a strategic plan. This is one strategy to not even try. Bridge of Wonder There is one thing in Maryland that cannot be found anywhere else in the world: Citizens that live past the age of 90 are legally required to apologize for being alive every year that they survive their birthday. While this may not be a great wonder of the world, it is one of the best interesting facts about Maryland to be turned into a vacation destination. Though clotheslines are banned, clothes may be draped over a fence. April 28, Number accepted into the Union: This includes the islands in the state. The apology has to be public, so no mumbling under your breath. This is one of those Maryland facts that can be turned into an educational day trip on your venture through the state. Eating while swimming in the ocean is prohibited. This law code was made legal in In Maryland, it is illegal to sell condoms from vending machines with one exception: It would most likely be up to a judge and the intestate laws written by the legislature, not you or your desired heirs, to decide who gets what. Their debt could even result in a forced sale of your property. It is actually illegal to mistreat your oysters. It is now called the Cannonball House. The law also applies to professional quoits. Shortcuts and ideas like these may look appealing on the surface, and many think they may serve as a way to circumvent Maryland inheritance laws. January 28, at Only one home was actually hit in that attack. Another law makes it illegal to throw bale of hay or of anything else out a second-story window.

Dumb maryland laws

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  1. While this may not be a great wonder of the world, it is one of the best interesting facts about Maryland to be turned into a vacation destination. The law also applies to professional quoits.

  2. In Baltimore it is illegal to mistreat oysters. But this strategy comes with several pitfalls.

  3. The plan had been abandoned when it was learned there were only three licensed parachute instructors in the state.

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