Depressed infj

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We can always imagine the true ideal and who we want to be, but we can never achieve it because when we do there will always be something else we want, the next step. Being an INFJ is not easy but there is no point in making it any harder then it already is. We exist in a world where size 2 models are airbrushed to oblivion and size 10 actors are used for comedic relief. Then by being introverted feelers we intensify these feelings inward making us unable to escape and cope with them easily. We feel things on a higher scale then others. Your compassion has imprisoned you in heartache. The most natural and safe anti depressant that can be used daily, long term. It can be that the creative vision you imagined in your mind for your painting, does not appear in the one you created in real life.

Depressed infj

They feel misunderstood by the people around them, who can easily ignore their introspection and their observations. Just tonight, the dark side of my personality confronted me again. INFJs often do not expect others to solve their problems, but they do hope that people could simply offer support, empathy and reassurance. Ironically, they have more difficulty understanding their own emotions, often feeling moody, pessimistic or restless. If they do not maintain hope for their goals, the INFJs can feel as if they have no reason to live. I found that investing in a proper cushion and making it a ritual using it greatly improvement my motivation to stick with meditation as a daily habit. They are purists and classicists. Counting your blessings helps too. Basically things that connects to our senses and feelings which are not possible to control. We wake up four times a night, dreading how the world will fail us tomorrow. We feel things on a higher scale then others. They often have dreams or insights that may seem almost premonitory. When it comes to INFJs and many INxx types we are often not happy and fulfilled in traditional office or alike job positions. You can inspire others with passionate writing and speech. The problem is most other people do not operate in a Ni state of being which makes it all much more difficult for others to relate to. They are often the last ones to read a bestseller, feeling that if others think it is a good book, then it probably is not. Sometimes, the sea of thoughts and emotions in our heads is overwhelming. The first to raise their hand reigns supreme. Caring about people and the thoughts, dreams, ideals, and emotions that connect us have become inferior to the sprint for the newest invention, the fastest delivery time, the cheapest labor cost. Great for relaxing in noisy environments and also great for meditation wherever you might be. Many describe it as INFJs living in a constant state of disembodiment, we are more connected to our mind then the physical. Through a change of perspective, they could learn to appreciate the simple pleasures of existence that they had previously ignored and despised. Today, we will explore the reasons why INFJs are particularly prone to depression. At the bottom of this post I have also put together an INFJ survival kit of some of the best products to overcome anxiety, stress and depression for good. Still, these can also become their enemies and lead to INFJ depression. For example, they get depressed when they feel that their creative inspiration has abandoned them.

Depressed infj

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  1. It all has a lot to do with self esteem and expectations our Ni put on our self which we in turn fail to accomplish.

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