Dating pathological liar

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It is a very difficult dilemma. Quite possibly, an answer was thought out in advance. In a conversation with you, a woman may turn away. Behavior Dealing with a pathological liar, it is worth paying attention to her behavior. However, there is also a method, which completely contradicts the above. What if a woman lies?

Dating pathological liar

As they say — if you love, just close your eyes. How to help a pathological liar? She said that there are a number of telltale signs that your partner is a master story inventor and a pathological liar. Studying you, they will learn what exactly they need to say in order to manipulate your actions and emotions. Presents Every man likes to please a woman with gifts, various flowers, and surprises to see how happy she is. Give her space for maneuvers. They like to manipulate One of the reasons people lie is the desire to play with the feelings of others. Promise that you will accept any truth whatever shocking it may be. Perhaps you have watched or read works about the so-called Baron Munchausen. It is like protection for her. But it is one thing when a woman is angry after a hard working day then both a quarrel and reconciliation will pass quickly , but when you ask her about what you suspect and she has an instant deterioration in mood and an aggressive response follows, it is very bad. Gestures In general, speech and gestures can give away deception. What to do dating such a person? They hide their feelings Liars hide not only facts, they also hide their true feelings from others. This method is often used by public figures when they speak eloquently on television. So instead of saying that they had to work late, they didn't realise the time had slipped by so quickly or that they underestimated the traffic, they create some story about helping a lost child to the police station, assisting someone who was hurt to the hospital, or even having a family emergency. For example, if she claimed to be with friends in a cafe, ask in what clothes one of her friends was. You can meet such terms as, for example, pseudology and mythology, denoting the same pathological lie. This way of presenting a lie is very effective because you yourself involuntarily may believe in it. You may realise that they struggle with their image, are not very confident, are intimidated by others, and generally work hard to do and say things so that others will like them, which is why they often resort to telling lies. However, there is also a method, which completely contradicts the above. It is simple enough to understand who a pathological liar is. They always have a brilliant excuse As humans, we err naturally, but not them! However, here we should make a small note: Most often this behavior is associated with low self-esteem or childish experiences. After all, if a girl lies once, she can lie again and again. It is oratorical speech.

Dating pathological liar

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  1. And the more a person lies, the more it enters into his or her life, displacing the truth from it. Speech Probably the surest way to find out if your girlfriend is lying to you is to listen carefully to her answers.

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