Craigslist westminster colorado

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The entire Harlem Globetrotters organization is deeply saddened by this news. They quickly nabbed the female in question — but it didn't take much questioning to determine that the tale being told had more than a few holes in it. Instead, the suspect pulled out a gun and ordered the seller to leave the area immediately. The e-mailer identified himself as a resident of Fruita, Colorado, named Billly, with the arrangements for the second meeting implying that something had gone wrong at the first meet-up. Lucas subsequently took a look on Craigslist to see if the bicycle thief was stupid enough to place it there for sale — and it turns out he was. That's precisely what Boulder's Kathryn Lucas did with her stolen bicycle.

Craigslist westminster colorado

Lucas, meanwhile, has gotten a new bike lock — one good enough, hopefully, to make detective work like the kind that led to Crawford's arrest unnecessary in the future. Others could hardly be more serious and shocking. In the end, however, the jury didn't buy these explanations — at least not to a degree that the charge was lessened. Many more details emerged during Mares's recently concluded trial, which lasted nine days. Cops soon showed up, and the Boulder Daily Camera notes that he admitted to stealing the bike, according to the police report. Now his killer will spend the rest of his life behind prison walls thanks to the good work of the dedicated investigators and prosecutors in this case. The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reports that Delacey is being held without bond, presumably in anticipation of his extradition back to Colorado. The members eventually convicted Mares of first-degree murder, in addition to a single count of aggravated motor-vehicle theft. Moreover, a photo sent by Billy was subsequently identified as Delacey by comparing it to a previous mug shot of him. But a check with the military showed Delacey hadn't been on active duty since Continue to read more about the case against Billy Joe Delacey. The stepdad had been told a "masseur" Delacey knew had been killed after the latter had visited him due to problems he was having with his shoulder and arm — no mention of the calf and hamstring. Although emergency personnel didn't initially characterize the case as a homicide because there were no obvious signs of trauma on the body, a bullet entry wound was subsequently discovered. In addition, he allegedly downloaded a program on his laptop called "Evidence Eliminator" and declined to take a polygraph. No telling if he's sharing his tale of woe with the aforementioned girlfriend, or someone from Craigslist. She soon found a listing for her bike, complete with a photo that allowed her to make a positive ID, and decided to contact the seller while posing as a customer. On the fateful day in November , Bashline drove Mares to his place and laid down on his bed for a nude massage. Just under a year later, Draton Mares, 24, has been convicted of first-degree murder in the crime, which took place after a relationship that began more than a year earlier with a Craigslist hookup went terribly wrong. According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, a report of a burglary involving a suspect armed with a weapon was made from a four-plex on the benign-sounding street of Picturesque Circle. He was supposed to pick her up at the station early on August 1 but never showed up. Mares testified that during the massage, Bashline referred to him using variations on the word "faggot" a number of times, and used what the Camera describes as a "vulgar Spanish term" while throwing him down on the bed, thereby triggering memories of a rape Mares said he'd suffered at age seventeen. Instead, he said he'd received a massage to his calves and hamstrings, after which he changed his mind about going further. Hence, the blindfolding which was done with socks and the fatal shot, after which Mares grabbed some wine and a few other items before leaving in Bashline's truck. A separate report reveals that officers had been called to the same apartment complex at This is hardly the first time we've covered crimes in which Craigslist was a component. The pair met out front, and after handing over the item in question, they went inside, presumably for cash.

Craigslist westminster colorado

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