Couple swop

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Celebrity Wife Swap Turns out that even celebrities aren't spared from being given the "lifestyle makeover" that comes with being on Wife Swap or Celebrity Wife Swap. Later on, after the show premiered, Simon and Jane eventually split up and Jane pursued a private relationship with her girlfriend. According to her, the show made her out to be some sort of spoiled and entitled year-old girl who had to have her way and made her parents lives a living hell. Besides finding ways to steer certain scenes and interactions in the directions they want, they also edit the overall timeline of filming in order to suit their needs. During the episode, he was instructed by the producers to play the role of an uptight and extremely tough to love husband and father, which he did perfectly. Give Screen Rant a Thumbs up! What is clear, however, is that they are not afraid to mislead the viewers any way they can! However, it turns out all the safeguarding the parents did for the kids wasn't enough.

Couple swop

Of course to help create drama and as much controversy as possible, the rules the new wives add to the house are generally opposites of the ones already in place. It's undoubtedly not the best way of doing business but Wife Swap would more than likely have a lot of back-outs before the episodes air - making a world of trouble for the producers and the investors! The episode made it quite clear that Jane was much happier with her own girlfriend than Simon was with his - and even Jane too. Most families that have been on Wife Swap have said that if they knew how they were going to be portrayed on the show, they would have never agreed to go on at all. Timeline Editing advertising The producers of Wife Swap keep a lot of tricks up their sleeves to manipulate the show. On top of that, she claimed that after starring on the show she was harassed and bullied badly, which ruined her life and even pushed her to the point of harming herself. The lawsuit was settled in with an undisclosed amount presumably given to Alicia. Turns out - like many other aspects of the show - the rule changes are actually just another scam. The show claims that the filming takes place over the course of a few weeks, but in reality, it usually doesn't take any longer than a week to get all of their scenes captured - which is an obvious sign that there is very little of the show that is actually real. They did have some strict household rules such as no video games or TV at all - which seemed pretty normal for a family with their style. When it came to the Stockdale family , they didn't realize what kind of darkness dwelled within some of the family members. During the episode, he was instructed by the producers to play the role of an uptight and extremely tough to love husband and father, which he did perfectly. However, the way they portrayed their open relationship really humiliated Simon. It undoubtedly would add an element of excitement to each episode that would be easy to pull off. Wife Swap has also had its fair share of broken lives and families due to the backlash from the episodes. Give Screen Rant a Thumbs up! However, behind-the-scenes, the rules are actually created by the producers in an effort to spike tensions and create some entertaining drama for the viewers. The Stockdale family appeared to be an average family with a devoutly religious background and even played together in their own band: The producers are aware of this and to avoid risking losing their investments, they have been confirmed to show certain families an entirely different cut of the episodes that is nothing like what the final cut shows on TV. Some examples of these rule changes would be no eating meat in a family that is big into hunting or a strictly regimented schedule for a very laissez-faire family. To achieve this effect they would use simple studio techniques such as setting up many powerful lights outside windows to mimic sunlight and when they needed more nighttime shots they would simply black out all the windows to create a false sense of darkness. This is just one of a handful of tragic endings for the families involved in Wife Swap. Some celebrities aren't used to being told how to act when playing themselves on TV, so it must have come as a rough transition for them - especially the more famous ones, who may not take well to being ordered around. It is easily one of the most tragic stories regarding the families involved with Wife Swap. This practice goes to show that there truly isn't very many real things about the show at all - which after all the numerous other revelations regarding the production of the show - does not come as a surprise at all. Stephen Fowler is a victim of both of these , unfortunately, who was later given the nickname "the worst husband in America".

Couple swop

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  1. The way it works on air is that about a week in, the new wives are told that they can add their own rules to the household that their new families must adhere to.

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