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Aguilar's body was found weeks later in a field. Bravo claimed that he had only beaten Aguilar but prosecutors at the trial, which began last week, say he killed him and dumped his body in the woods. Friman said she checked up on him, but kept her relationship with Aguilar a secret. Bravo and Aguilar had been friends for years, but authorities say the two fell out over a girl, Erika Friman, who used to date Bravo. She remembered initially being drawn to him because he made her laugh, but by their senior year, he started to wear on her. They also say that location data gathered from the smartphone does not fit with Bravo's account of his movements that evening. When he went missing, the Gainesville and Miami communities united to find him, searching for 22 days across much of the college town. After being isolated on suicide watch for a couple of weeks, Bravo returned to the same area of the jail and restarted communications with Angelo, prosecutors said. Their younger son, Alexander, who now attends UF, also addressed the judge.

Christian dateline

She was weeping and made the sign of the cross. A shackled Bravo denied he killed his friend before the sentence was handed down. In it, Bravo said he was "a monster for hurting Chris the way I did," according to a copy of the letter read in court. Angelo said Bravo slid a note under his cell door one day asking for his help to cover up the murder. All three had attended the Doral Academy and then ended up in Gainesville to attend college. Along with first-degree murder, Bravo, 20, was convicted of false imprisonment, poisoning, providing false information to law enforcement officers and other charges. But Pedro was held accountable. He is pictured during his trial Alachua County Criminal Justice Centre in Florida A college student accused of killing his roommate asked Siri for advice on hiding a body the day the man went missing, according to U. Testifying in his own defense Thursday, Bravo said he bought the items because he intended to kill himself, but couldn't go through with it. I promised Christian at his burial that there would be justice. On Friday night, Aguilar's father, Carlos — who attended trial everyday with his wife, younger son and two dozen family members — found long-awaited justice. I know in my heart what I did. Bravo told Angelo, according to the latter's testimony, that he convinced Aguilar to meet with him to talk about his depression, and had researched ways to kill and dispose of a body before the two met up. Bravo, 20, was convicted of first-degree murder and six other counts in the death of year-old University of Florida student Christian Aguilar. But prosecutors said Bravo was the smart, nefarious mastermind behind a plot to kill Aguilar. Prosecutors did find a shovel there later. After nine days of testimony and more than 1, pieces of evidence on both sides, the jury — eight women, four men — deliberated more than three hours. Aguilar's body was found weeks later in a field. Friman was in court Friday. Their younger son, Alexander, who now attends UF, also addressed the judge. As Bravo was sentenced, he looked toward his mother in the courtroom. Friman said she first realized Aguilar was missing hours after he went to meet Bravo when he wouldn't answer his phone. After the killing, Angelo testifed, Bravo told him he ditched his shoes in a trash can and got something to eat. In response to this, Siri said: Prosecutors say Bravo wrote the letter, which was later found by a guard in the cell. He had been bound with duct tape. Jurors watched as Angelo, clad in red and white jail clothes, described in great detail how he met Bravo shortly after Bravo's arrest, when the two were put in the same cell.

Christian dateline

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