Carefree pumpkin patch

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Potatoes can be started earlier in spring, as seed potatoes. Gourds will cross with other gourds. A good hardy rose. Because of it's dense spreading habit, it makes an ideal ground cover. All do well with a mulch to maintain even temperature and moisture.

Carefree pumpkin patch

Glossy foliage with good disease resistance. Reported hardy to Zone 2. While cucumbers and melons will not cross with the squashes; pumpkins, gourds and squashes have been known to cross. Quartered rosette blooms similar to old garden roses. In the fall the foliage turns deep red. Deep pink buds forming 5 to 30 per cluster. Parsnips, celery and celeriac require a long growing season and parsnips sweeten with the colder weather. In autumn, it is graced with large red hips that add a wonderful element to the fall and winter garden. Most onion pest problems can be avoided with lots of organic matter and very well-draining loose loamy sandy soil in the vegetable beds. Shrub Height ' Zone 3 Orange-yellow buds open to semi-double wavy yellow petals with an orange blush. Floribunda Height ' Zone 3 Opening from buds of dark red, the abundant blooms are held on nearly thornless stems. An everblooming mound with glossy medium green foliage that is disease resistant. Shrub Height 5' Zone 4 Masses of pink flowers are surrounded by dark green foliage. These plants will not do well if roots are disturbed and most are direct-seeded into the ground. Read more about cross pollination in the cucurbit family. Tomatoes may be started a few weeks later, but if started early and growing leggy, simply plant deeper so the stalk is submerged to leave only the crown of the plant above ground. Transplants planted before soil is warm will rot. These can also all be seeded again in August for a late season crop. Most members of this family are direct-seeded in the garden. Shrub Height ' Zone 4 Everblooming single pink flowers that are sweetly scented with apple, and are held above foliage tinted just slightly with red. Artichokes are a warm weather perennial vegetable and may not do well in hard cold climates although they can be overwintered in cooler zones by cutting back large arms in fall and covering with leaves, straw or other dry bedding piled up all around and tied in place with loose fence boards or by placing an inverted bushel basket over the top. Hybrid Rugosa Height ' Zone 3 Fuschsia pink semi-double blooms in clusters of up to 30 cover this plant in early spring with good repeat bloom throughout the season. This family, when grown in close proximity, can cross-pollinate prolifically among its subgroup members. The rugose, disease resistant foliage is dark green and provides a subtle backdrop for informal flowers. Shrub Height 36 inches Zone 4 This shrub rose has double blooms of creamy yellow centers surrounded by pink blends.

Carefree pumpkin patch

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  1. Celery and celeriac can be pre-seeded in the greenhouse or indoors, but must be transplanted out before becoming rootbound.

  2. The rugose, disease resistant foliage is dark green and provides a subtle backdrop for informal flowers.

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