Careers for phlegmatics

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Nothing should distract you. You have superb interpersonal skills and positive attitude to get on well with peers and clients. Weakness Slow eater, not social , too analytical, hard to please, moddy,introvert. Phlegmatics also like engineering. Careers perfect for melancholics: On stage they can adopt another personality, no matter how much extroversion it requires, but as soon as the play is over, he reverts back to his own introvert personality. To avoid fatigues, stresses, or even depressions at work, people of this psychological type choose careers which:

Careers for phlegmatics

Jung With that said, most of us appear to be ambiverts combining the features or both psychological types. Are you an Extrovert? Energized by people, extroverts choose careers which: Rarely will they launch out on a business venture of their own, although they are eminently qualified to do so. I guess we all know Sanguines ad after reading this, you might even appreciate their personality a little more. I have always told she should have been a comedian. Almost any humanitarian vocation will attract melancholics to its staff. In the area of helping people, Sanguines excel as hospital workers. You are tactful, and you are okay with routine work. Phlegmatics are the most productive employees. Phlegmatics are definitely not risk takers. The choleric thinks subconsciously thinks that approval and encouragement lead to complacency. On stage they can adopt another personality, no matter how much extroversion it requires, but as soon as the play is over, he reverts back to his own introvert personality. Phlegmatics firmly believe that their word is their bond. Phlegmatics will find that their ability to refrain from responding to situations emotionally will be an asset, since human resources managers need to maintain a professional demeanor in their work. When given positions of leadership, they seem to bring order out of chaos and produce a working harmony conducive to increased productivity. Cool-headed Phlegmatic Relaxed phlegmatics live in harmony with others. Take a test , find it out, and check your characteristics below. Dreamy melancholic, she forgets about strong sides of this temperament type to use for career development and wants to become Justin, an extroverted sanguine, instead. If he only knew how others look to him for approval and encouragement, he would spend more time patting them on the back, which would generate greater dedication from them. Back in , the American Psychiatric Association even called introversion a mental disorder. This makes it seem like they are followers, but in reality they are the ultimate leaders because they defer decisions to others so they can focus on their strengths — which includes the emotional development of other people. Crashing on the couch alone with their cat or dog is just as fun as anything else they could be doing. When you listen to country-western, you can hear the wail of the Melancholic. Phlegmatics also like engineering. The cholerics have that thing what people call a success tendency. They Are Extremely Trustworthy.

Careers for phlegmatics

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  1. The Career of the Choleric Cholerics might consider careers that require leadership, motivation and productivity. Applying temperament features to work, we can decide on directions to proceed, professional skills to develop, and environment to feel most comfortable while building a career.

  2. I think their main contribution to life lies in making other people happy. A bachelor's degree in communications or a similar discipline is required to enter a career in this field.

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