Birthmark on forehead astrology

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The birthmarks appear when the time between the past life and the current life was not long enough to completely heal the body. Person with poetic character and tendency on intellectual professions. Gourmet, if talk about sexual life, but when they get married, marriage they comprehend seriously. In time their concentration, on some place of the body, can change. They are very attractive and make others feel good, thus have many friends! These beliefs often promote stigma and superstition around the meaning of birthmarks.

Birthmark on forehead astrology

If woman, who has a birthmark on her nose, then she has far way to abroad ahead, but there she will find her happiness. Most frequently they are on tummy, back, but they can be on arms and legs, on face, in armpits, under nails and in genital areas. The darker the color, the less time the wound had to recover. The gray, brown, yellowish moles or those with mixed colors are usually inauspicious. Mole on Chin A gray or bad shaped mole on chin symbolizes the unstable life without definite residence, either frequent job hopping or house moving. Mole by the Side of Nose Usually, a mole by the side of nose indicates the frivolous personality and people with such a mole are drift-minded, which will affect the career development. Usually the tumors are harmless, but sometimes serious nerve and tissue damage can accompany the disorder. Birthmarks are pigmented cell combination on our skin. They are subjected under changes. Most people have 1 or 2, but others have more. Mole behind Ear This kind of mole appears behind the ear. It is doubtful that he will marry because no lady will accept this burden and they become wary of his advances which are reflective of lust rather than love. A mole on the nose bridge an area of health palace is also not a good sign as it warns you of a poor health and a weak immune system. On left shoulder can confirm about financial problems. Some cultures believe that a child with this type of birthmark was born to a woman who craved beets and jelly during the pregnancy. Usually wants traditional, strong family, peace, harmony and stability. But they should beware of overeating which is harmful to health. The marks initially grow quickly in infancy, but then growth slows and many eventually fade away before the child reaches the age of If the mole is in good type, however, it represents the extremely good luck in salary, no need to worry about food and clothing, and the abundant spiritual life. If you have a birthmark on right cheek near the ear, then it shows that you have had deep suffering and experience in her life. Better he remains single. Sometimes they are mistaken for a bruise. Person, who can fully give himself to passion. They tend to be somewhat extravagant at times. Spiritual Value- An old wives tales suggests that these birthmarks appear on a baby when the mother drinks too much coffee in her pregnancy. Person with fast, unpredictable character, with concludes to complicated, impermanent and short relationships.

Birthmark on forehead astrology

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  1. If it is on the upper part, it suggests the poor relationship with parents; if it is in the middle, it reminds being taken advantage by others; if it is on the lower part, it indicates the poor luck for wealth in life.

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