Between a rock osrs

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Read the book - skipping the pages is enough. All three pages are found in the Dwarven Mine. If the schematic has been fixed correctly, you will get a message saying that it makes sense, if you were a dwarf that is Firing yourself from a cannon Dondakan will fire the golden cannonball at the rock. The second page is found when searching the mining carts. Now you will have to compile the schematics, but stay near where there is an anvil.

Between a rock osrs

Gold bar , Cannonball ammo mould Items Suggested: Don't forget your hammer! He will then ask to fire you through the wall, but he needs the schematics to change the cannon to be able to fire a human. Otherwise, it will keep regenerating its hitpoints. When he fires it, the cannonball will disappear through the wall. Read the book, and then keep it for later. Follow the path going east to end up north of where you got off the boat. The Schematics The 3 sets of schematics are relatively simple to get. You will get a nice golden cannon ball. There are a set of four 4 schematics: Make sure you keep this gold in your inventory. If you were a dwarf that is He will hand you his schematic and tell you that Khorvak has the other schematics. Mining 15 is highly recommended as this will lower the combat level of the boss from to Look for an Anvil symbol, and inside will be the allusive Dwarven Engineer. Talk to the Dwarven Ferryman to cross the river. Smith the gold helmet. Do this again for the third schematic, then re-select and view them all at once. Teleport to Camelot , head east, and enter the shortcut that goes under White Wolf Mountain , or go back to Keldagrim via the mine cart, and this time, take the mine cart to White Wolf Mountain this ride costs coins for one trip. Get yourself 3 gold bars and smith them on an anvil to get another gold helmet. You will be attacked by an Arzinian Avatar, and depending on your highest combat skill, you'll be attacked with your Combat Triangle opposite warriors fight mages, mages fight rangers, rangers fight warriors. Match the bright white parts of the blue sheets onto the corresponding part of the background. Dondakan will fire you from the cannon and you'll appear inside of the rock. You can use Prayer for an easy fight; the spirit shouldn't take too long to kill. You will need to get to the south end of Keldagrim near the docks. You will need at least 6 gold ores to fight the monster.

Between a rock osrs

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  1. You can make your golden helmet while you're here; use your gold bars on an anvil. The third page is in any mineable rock.

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