Best clean romance movies

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A romantic comedy. Comment down below with YOUR thoughts. If you have never watched the original, you must! What is their relationship based on? This is a fantastic musical and among the greatest movie classics of all time but hidden within it is a romantic drama where the pressures of the occupational German forces during World War Two are starting to take away certain freedoms and an unlikely governess, Maria Julie Andrews takes a job for the widower Captain von Trapp.

Best clean romance movies

Made in in Australia, the film stars Kirk Douglas. Clark offers her food and shelter for the winter and enough money to return back East in the spring. The Beautician and the Beast Silly in many ways but oh so sweet , this re-imagined fairy tale is a mash-up of Beauty and the Beast and The Sound of Music. Sabrina — another oldie but goodie. Here are my Top Picks in no particular order of preference. All of these are appropriate to watch with the kiddos too. When it comes to selecting movies, as always, you are the best judge of what is right for you and your family. A slight takeoff of the classic romantic movie, An Affair to Remember. Man from Snowy River — remember this one? So many great characters and lines in this movie. And then there is Hugh Grant too! Yes, I realize this is a romcom about leap day or year, but whatever. In this one Einstein is cast as a matchmaker. I am a big Helen Mirren fan. But the more times I rewatch it, the more I adore it. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. She has her own ideas regarding a woman's choices in life and choosing her own path in life as she shows by defying her father and runs off to find Jim Craig. There you have it. An Affair of the Heart When I was dating, this was among my favorites. The movie is long and there was actually an intermission at the movie theater. Gone with the Wind — so this is one of my favorite movies of all times. It is simply delightful. You just have to look a bit harder than normal. A romantic comedy. Of course, even with these caveats the one thing that does usually crop up is profanity which nearly all of these share no matter their rating in varying degrees. The oldie stars Audrey Hepburn in the titular role, the newer Julia Ormond.

Best clean romance movies

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  1. This is not an all-inclusive list. Here are my Top Picks in no particular order of preference.

  2. Pride and Prejudice — my favorite book and another of my all time favorite movies. PG You can rent or own I.

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